How Technology Plays for Your Fleet


The blog discusses the importance of technology in fleet management, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. It covers several areas where technology can be implemented to improve efficiency and safety, such as video systems for monitoring drivers, GPS navigation for optimal routing, maintenance programs for reducing downtime, fuel monitoring for cost savings, and gamifying apps to motivate drivers. It also emphasizes the need for effective communication between drivers and managers, which can be achieved through fleet management software. Lastly, the blog recommends choosing the right technology partner to ensure successful implementation of these solutions.

The consequences of COVID-19 have contributed to a variety of issues, including freight regulations and inventory demand variations, as well as keeping key employees safe and well. To improve efficiency and production, it’s critical to understand the importance of technology for your fleet vehicles. Here are some combination advantages to think about.

1.Video systems based on trucks

As drivers work at the front, it’s never been so vital to obtain their viewpoint on the road. Fleet Owners  can easily monitor their whole driver’s activities using a video platform, with dash cams covering their truck’s front, side and back. This helps to provide the atmosphere for the safety management.

In order to prevent possible conflicts, video plays an essential role. Video systems may help identify drivers that require training, simplify the review process and focus on driver-based behaviours, using on-demand video playback and event-induced video too as a witness in case of accidents.

How Technology Plays for your fleet

2. Navigation and Transportation routes

Since miles are numbered every minute, upgrading of each load is necessary. To enhance every route efficiency, navies use GPS navigation systems to assist their drivers to get as safe and efficient as possible to maximise their efficiency. GPS  navigation locations enable remotely to give route directions  based on truck-specific delivery routes.

It is essential to remember that not all navigating systems are equivalent and you need to choose a software solution which is specifically designed for your fleet. Drivers can be directed to avoid dangerous routes, such as low bridge permits, or restricted regions, that might influence the safety and compliance of their fleet by designing a solution suited to the special demands of the business.

3.Maintenance Programs

The outbreak of COVID-19 has also affected the usage of truck drivers and logistics sectors. While transporting for certain commodities may decline, manpower and resource utilisation will grow with the fleets involved in importing and distributing important goods.

This growing need means ensuring appropriate maintenance and servicing of trucks. If you don’t utilise a truck at any time and money are wasted. With property maintenance solutions, idling time, prolonged downtime of vehicle performance and improper inventory management may be reduced. Drivers can always have access to maintenance information by updating cloud-based maintenance solutions.

Preventive Maintenance can be scheduled through digitised application —less paper based operations by reducing manual works like spreadsheets ,white boards etc, thus by improving administration of records, lower administrative expenses and real time access to vehicle maintenance data. Prepare and monitor essential stabilisation and driving safety health measures.

4. Improving Fuel Economy

Today, Diesel prices continue to rise, and the pressure to go green now depends on the purpose to minimize fuel expenses, but also on corporate sustainability objectives.

The initial area of focus for most companies is fuel. Because fuel is one of the highest most significant operating expenditures, it may have a huge influence on investment in this field.

telematic solution is one way of helping to increase fuel savings. You may minimise fuel usage by leveraging the Fuel Monitoring Solution.

How Fuel Monitoring Supports?

  • Improve the performance by lowering the vehicle’s idle time, over-speed and harsh acceleration.
  • Find shortcuts that minimise the number of miles by using GPS Fuel solutions.
  • Identify issues with engines that contribute to increased fuel expenditures.
  • Your most fuel efficient trucks (MPG) will be tested for travelled kilometres.
  • Understand the impact on your business of refuelling time.

5.Use Gamifying Apps to Motivate your Drivers

Encourage and reward drivers by integrating reward programs in your telematics application. They will be empowered through constant feedback on how to achieve this by giving drivers access to their own dashboard. Through Driver’s achievements it can lead to advancement towards the objective.

6. Resolve Communication Barriers

The major drawback while operating a fleet business is lack of communication between the drivers and fleet managers. We have seen every fleet operation happen through driver’s word of mouth and continuous calls between driver and manager. 

Embrace the Fleet management software and handle the truck operation effectively and efficiently, stop relying on phone calls! It may become dangerous for drivers safety as well as asset safety.

Choose your company's correct technology supplier

Implementing the proper solutions in your company will help you achieve substantial gains in your reliability and efficiency.

Although these solutions are only a few instances of the significance of technology implementation in your company, it is necessary that you pick the proper technical partner for the operations of your company. It is essential to know when choosing a technical partner and their approach through research and development, their ability to integrate third parties and their expertise and records in the transportation sector.

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