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Benefits of FASTag

Save Time

FASTag usage on your trucks, cars, trailers, containers will save time on tolls in India. No need to wait in long queues for paying the toll charges.

SMS alerts

Get regular SMS alerts on your registered mobile number for every toll payments done by using FASTag.

Online Transactions

The toll payments are completely digitalized with FASTag implementation and cash transaction fraudulent

Improve Fuel Efficiency

Improve Fuel Efficiency

On implementation of FASTAG on vehicles will improve fuel efficiency as there will less or minimal idling / stoppage time on toll booths in India.

Track your Toll spends on FleetOS

Now you have a one-stop solution for all your fleet management needs in our FleetOS app. Track all your truck and vehicle toll spends, recharge on the FleetOS app

Truck Tracking using FleetOS Fastag

Using the FASTag ID and location of toll passed, one can now track the vehicle using the FleetOS (Fleet management software), an option to track your vehicle using FASTag.

Why FASTag from VAMOSYS FleetOS

Fleet Expenses Management

Fleet Expenses Management in FleetOS

Fleet operators can now manage expenses of the entire fleet on the FleetOS app including FASTag expenses - purchase, recharge for all the vehicles.

Fleetos toll

Toll Expenses Report

Get customized toll expenses to report for your fleet on our FleetOS application vehicle wise and month wise reports for toll charges along with other expenses on our fleet management software.

Fleetos online payment

Secure online payments for FASTag Recharge

Recharge and pay all your FASTag payment online mode on the FleetOS application securely to ensure all your fleet payments taken place in a single application.

toll booth tracking

Tracking using FASTag on FleetOS

Now you have one more option to track your vehicle using FASTag on the FLEETOS app. Get precise location of your vehicle when it crosses every toll with date and time.


What is Fastag?

Fastag is an RFID tag affixed in vehicle front widescreen with the prepaid amount in that tag ID, whenever the vehicle crosses any tolls in India, the toll amount will be debited directly from fastagID and the vehicle can reduce the time in tolls for paying the toll amount in cash.

How to Purchase Fastag on FleetOS application?

You can purchase the Fastag online on the FleetOS application using the online banking option. The Fastag will be delivered to your doorstep.

How to recharge Fastag on FleetOS application?

You can recharge the Fastag on the FleetOS application using the online banking option for smooth process and usage of Fastag on tollgates in India.

How does electronic toll collection work in India?

The government of India under the NETC (National Electronic Toll Collection) programme uses Fastag devices for making the toll payment electronically to reduce the cash transaction and smooth movement of vehicles in tolls. The Fastag ID is mounted on the vehicle front screen, as and when the vehicle arrives at the toll booths in India, the unique ID embedded on Fastag is read by an RFID reader to deduct the toll amount for the vehicle.


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