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Enable drivers with Language agnostic Universal Driver App and empower them to provide accurate status and trip expenses instantly.

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What you can achive with VAMOSYS Driver App?

Tracking without GPS devices

Tracking without GPS devices

Now, fleet operators no need to rely on GPS tracking devices for basic tracking, convert your driver mobile app into tracking device with no installation.

Trip Status Updates

Trip Status Updates

Using DRS Driver app, the driver will update all the trip status from reached loading point, loading completed to unloading completed with time and location, that will be notified on FleetOS - Fleet owner application.

Expenses and Document Updates

Expenses and Document Updates

Driver will update all the expenses occured during the trip - Fuel fill, toll, spares, unloading charges and other expenses along with bills & invoices to the Fleet owner app (FleetOS)

Get POD delivered digitally

Get POD delivered digitally

Driver can scan and send the POD details to fleet operators digitally once the trip completed using VAMOSYS Driver app.

What if Driver initiate the trip and digitise the fleet operation process? Know How

We have a simple answer to all your questions. The driver will initiate the trip and digitise the entire fleet digitalisation process. With our driver app the driver can login using his mobile number.

The driver on each status update mentions his location and trip status, say for example if starts a trip at Navi Mumbai, it will be initiated and updated to the Fleet owner. On loading completion, the driver again updates the status – the fleet owner (FleetOS) will be notified with the date, time, and location.

Likewise, all status update and trip-related expenses details, documents, bills are shared by the driver using the DRS Driver app and the fleet operator gets all vital details from the driver itself. And Above all, on completion of the trip, the drive can share the scanned POD copy digitally to the fleet operator.

So, what do you feel now?

The driver is running the fleet operation on its own digitally with our language agnostic driver app. All in simple touch and update features.

Driver initiate the trip and digitise

Driver DRS app - Brings wonder to your fleet operation process

Reduce workload

Reduce workload

Fleet manager's workload will be reduced as driver updates vital status of the trip related, vehicle service related and other details which usually fleet manager rely on driver mannually.

Improved communication

Improved communication

Communication gap is one of the major problem in logistics and mostly fleet manager call driver periodically. Now with driver app fleet owner gets improved communication on all stages.

Remove trip plan paperworks

Remove trip plan paperworks

With Driver DRS app and FleetOS application the trip creation process and planning are done digitally. Infact the process can be initiated by driver himself. No need to have trip sheet anymore.

Organise data digitally

Organise data digitally

Expenses incurred for vehicle and trip are processed digitally. With the data the fleet operator can get the detailed analysis report of Profit and loss to improve the business progress.

How we are solving fleet operator problems with Driver DRS app?

The major problem in today’s fleet management process is fleet manager dependence on driver to know the happenings on the other end.

The problem is the driver can give updates or messages using his mobile calls, the time when the fleet manager calls, he/she may be busy with his
tasks, which creates problems to the fleet manager.

To address these issues, we have come up driver DRS app to reduce the burden of both fleet manager and driver, as drivers can update vital status along with the date, time, location, voice message and documents.

Fleet manager can monitor the fleet and its progress with our FleetOS and Driver app, process data, manage expenses, handle vehicle and trip related documents, POD digitally.

Sounds interesting?

solving fleet operator problems
Easy to use - Simple UI

Easy to use - Simple UI

The user interface of our Driver app is simple and easy to use. The app has been designed like rummy cards 1, 2, 3, etc. It will be universal and easy to use the app across the globe.

No languages used - Universal app

The idea behind the app design is to make language agnostic and universal. In the entire app, minimal words are used and mostly interaction of driver will be done using the images and numbers.
Driver earn on every status updates

Driver earn on every status updates

Driver gets incentivized on every single update he/she shares with the fleet operators. Be it any update on loading/unloading status to vehicle trip-related update, finally POD update.

The best features of DRS Driver app

Driver DRS app - Earn for every single status update - applicable to 160+ countries

Download and Earn

Download and Earn

Download our DRS driver app and login to complete the first trip. On completing the trip the driver will be rewarded.
Share and Earn

Share and Earn

Drivers can share this app with friends and known circle groups. For every share, the driver will be rewarded.
Bonus for all status updates

Bonus for all status updates

Creating an incentive program to drivers for all status updates to encourage the drivers, as every single update provided by drivers is vital for fleet operators.

How to use DRS Driver app - Step by Step Working process

Step 1

Login and Driver Dashboard

Driver need to login with a valid mobile number. On logging in the driver gets the dashboard providing details of trip details.

In trip details, the driver gets notified about pick-up location, loading point, and unloading point.

Contact details of the loading manager, current fuel level, speed instruction to the driver are provided on the Driver DRS dashboard.

Step 2

Driver Status Update Dashboard

On accepting the trip, the driver can send the status updates. Total 7 updates are provided in this section.

  • 1 signifies Reached loading point,
  • 2 signifies Loading started,
  • 3 signifies Loading completed,
  • 4 signifies Reached Unloading loading point,
  • 5 signifies Unloading started,
  • 6 signifies Unloading completed,
  • 7 is provided for any emergency interaction apart from the above.

Step 3

Driver interaction with FleetOS – Fleet operator

This is our Attention Dashboard, where the driver requests the attention of the fleet manager (on the FleetOS app).

  • 1 is for Fuel fill request with fuel volume or price-based or both with supplementing document or message.
  • 2 is for unloading charges need to pay,
  • 3 is for toll payments request and approval,
  • 4 is for spares and vehicle services incurred during the trip,
  • 5 is for goods damage amount request and approval,
  • 6 is for parking charges request,
  • 7 is provided any other request and approval other than mentioned above 6.

Step 4

Fleet operator instruction to Driver

Fleet operator (FleetOS) communicates with the Driver app (DRS) on all stages.

  • 1 is for Fuel request – approval or reject from Fleet operator,
  • 2 is for unloading charges – request approval with amount details,
  • 3 is for toll payment approval from the fleet operator,
  • 4 is for spares and vehicle services amount charged – approval status,
  • 5 is goods damage amount request – feedback from fleetOS,
  • 6 is for parking charges approval, 
  • 7 is for driver approval requests that the fleet owner needs to approve or reject.

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Download and Explore our DRS DRIVER APP Now!

We are providing this app for free and it is available on Android playstore. For every status update and trip completion we are provding incentives to the drivers. Use and earn while truck driving with DRS driver app. The app is universal app and applicable to all logistics and transportation driver.

Why wait, download and earn from today!

Features of Our Driver Tracking App

Tracking without GPS
We are providing an option to track the vehicle without using GPS device on our driver monitoring system using Driver SIM card
Driver communication
Communication between driver and fleet operator is easy with our driver tracking app. Fleet owner can update the request raised by driver and vice-versa.
User Friendly
The driver monitoring app developed by team VAMOSYS is language-agnostic design. Every single update and interaction with fleet operator is just clicking images / GIF icons.
Regular Updates to Fleet Owner
Get all update of vehicle / truck driver handling with the aid of our driver monitoring system. Fleet owner get notified for all live status updates of driver
Bills and PODs upload
In our driver tracking app, drivers can upload all the bills, POD, vouchers on driver monitoring app and fleet owner will get details for trip wise.
Driver status on all check points
Driver status update are done from pickup, loading status, unloading status, fuel filling status to vehicle services update to fleet operator using our driver tracking app.

Advantages of using our Driver Tracking Software

Language-agnostic design

The design of the driver software is language independent and it can be used any drivers in the world to interact and update status to fleet operators.

Fast and interactive

The status records are shared real-time to fleet owners. It is an interactive Application to communicate with Fleet managers, best app to replace regular phone calls with drivers for periodic update.

Segments in Driver

We have created four segments in our driver app for updates - Driver Dashboard, STATUS Updates, Attentions (linked to Expenses) Instructions (linked to expense approval or any other SOPs).

How Does VAMOSYS Driver Tracking System Work?

VAMOSYS Driver monitoring app can be installed in driver mobile with the input from fleet operator using the FleetOS application. Fleet operator add vehicle and create trips on FleetOS, during the trip creation fleet operator assign driver to the trip. If driver installed driver app he will get notified his new trip or else need to install the app for trip pick up.

Once trip allotted driver can either Accept or Reject the trip. If he accepted the trip, the trip starts and he will be notified the vehicle pickup location, loading point and unloading point. Fleet Operator can interact with Driver using FleetOS and vice-versa for driver.

Driver can easily update all his trip status in one click, just need to click arrived pickup location image, then loading process follows like Waiting for loading, Loading started, Loading completed, Loading rejected and the same process for unloading.

Also, driver can raise attention to the fleet operators in case of emergency or if he needs to communicate to fleet manager, say for example, some the attention message driver can communicate with Fleet operator on VAMOSYS driver app – Fuel requirement request, Loading/Unloading charges request, Accidents Service/spares expenses request, Goods damaged, Parking charges

So, Our aim is to provide the Universal Driver app for better logistics and supply chain management with periodic update to fleet operator


What are the advantages of VAMOSYS Driver Tracking System?

The major advantages of our Driver tracking system, the DRS driver app is language agnostic application and it has only icons and numbers, so drivers can use the app effortlessly. Apart from that the communication between drivers and fleet managers are effective as drivers can share voice notes, bills and invoices to the fleet managers (FleetOS).

How does the VAMOSYS Driver Tracking application benefit Fleet Operators?

Fleet managers have various benefits of using our driver tracking application, as it improves better communication between drivers and reduces gaps, get regular status updates from drivers with precise location and time, and gets approvals from fleet managers for all the payments through the DRS Driver tracking application.

Is this VAMOSYS Driver Tracking App for Free?

As a fleet operator, if you are looking for a Free driver tracking app for your drivers, then we at VAMOSYS provide the Free Driver tracking application to improve the fleet management and its operations.

What are the unique features of the DRS Driver tracking system?

The unique features of our DRS Driver tracking system is - language agnostic, game like Driver app, tracking using the DRS driver app, documents sharing, all status updates to fleet operators.

VAMOSYS is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company with advanced digitized cost-cutting solutions that address road transportation (trucks & buses), construction-based vehicles, mining industry vehicle challenges like vehicle tracking, and preventing diesel theft.

Vamosys provides GPS-based fuel monitoring, fleet management software, and fleet dashcams, enabling transport owners to monitor their transport activities through their mobile device or laptop.

The benefits of using VAMOSYS solutions prevents fuel/diesel theft, streamline all fleet operations in one platform, maintains digitized records of all activities.


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