Best Truck GPS Tracker Devices and Solutions

Truck GPS Tracker

Real Time Truck Tracking System

Instant truck position reports get your fleet information updated in real-time even as they move meter by meter.

Truck Speed Monitoring

The speed of the truck can be regularly tracked to ensure the truck’s safety and well being.

Instant Notifications

Alerts in the form of SMS | Email | App notifications from our powerful and comprehensive Software

Mobile App

A user friendly application which works on both the android and iOS platforms to track your trucks on the go.

Save Fuel Costs

Clients will be able to save upto 30% of financial expenses with our fuel monitoring solution.


We constantly evolve and customize our features on demand for our customers to make their GPS truck tracking device life as smooth as possible.

Features of Truck GPS Tracker

Get best TRUCK GPS TRACKER from Vamosys

About our GPS Tracker for Trucks

We provide best truck GPS trackers at competitive prices without compromising on data capturing and accuracy levels.

GT800 GPS tracker with Communication

Get best TRUCK GPS TRACKER from Vamosys

Best Truck GPS Trackers for Live Tracking

Our Satisfied Fleet Owners

We able to open up our new operation in a new route within a day and we able to meet customer SLAs without failures. Also there are no fuel thefts. Thanks VAMOSYS.

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Selva, CEO VJ Logistics – TamilNadu

VAMOSYS has done wonders to our operations. Truck Idling time reduced by 50% and we able expand to in new routes where we don’t have strength.

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Ram , CEO Sure Logistics – Gurgaon

Get best GPS Tracker for Trucks from Vamosys


What are the best GPS tracker for truck?

At VAMOSYS, we offer best truck GPS tracker devices for vehicle location tracking, speed monitoring and other vehicle parameters monitoring using GPS devices. We offer top brand GPS tracker devices from Teltonika, Concox, Cantract.

What type of heavy vehicle does VAMOSYS GPS are compatible with?

The GPS devices are compatible with all types of vehicles. It can be suitable for heavy Commercial vehicles such as lorry, truck, trailers, JCBs, tractors, excavators for location tracking.

What is the price of the GPS tracker?

The price of GPS tracker we offer is the best in the market. The GPS tracker devices along with our GPS software provide precise reports on vehicle monitoring and tracking.

What is the reliability of VAMOSYS GPS tracker?

We have installed over 20K vehicles over the last 2 years. All our clients are happy with the product and customer support that we are offering to them. We give priority to customers!

How does GPS tracker work?
The GPS tracker devices need to installed in the vehicle with vital wiring installations will be done by expert. The activated SIM will be inserted on the GPS tracker devices for data transmit. The GPS device captures all the vehicle vital information such as location, speed, braking, idling, parking, Geofence, these data's are transmitted to dedicated servers using the telecommunication. The users can check the reports and data on the software that we have developed for the vehicle tracking system both on mobile and web application.

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