About FleetOS Application Overview: FAQs (Part-2)

Hi Again, We already saw your basic doubts on the FleetOS application in FAQ (Part-1). Now it’s time to upgrade yourself to be an advanced level. 

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1. What are the subscription plans are available in the FleetOS application?

Your FleetOS application plans are customizable as per your request. The default plans are available in three categories as Friends, LiveIn, and Family. For more details about the plan and price, please visit the provided link: https://vamosys.com/FleetOS-fms-fleet-management-systems

2. How to migrate any ordinary fleet software data into FleetOS?

I don’t think it is not possible; we can transfer your data from any ordinary fleet software into FleetOS via XL import. Also, do not worry about how you are going to do it? We will provide you the best assistance to transfer the data. 

3. Who can view or edit FleetOS data?

Whoever you invite through e-mail ID in FleetOS can view or edit FletOS application data. 

4. Why do I need permission or an invite option in FleetOS?

Permission and invite help you to onboard your team in FleetOS. 

For example, you can invite your organization’s fleet manager to view and edit the data. You can invite your consumer to view the trip’s status/data to provide complete visibility using FleetOS.

5. How can I invite someone just to view FleetOS data?

FleetOS has two options called member and manager. Here member option is used to view only the data, and the manager option is used to view and edit the data.

6. Is my data secured in FleetOS?

Yes, your data will be secured in the trusted and widely used cloud infrastructure platform. That encrypts your data with the encryption keys and only lets the authorized person access the data.

7. Do I need any hardware to use FleetOS?

No, you don’t need any special hardware to use FleetOS. When it comes to GPS devices, FleetOS works with GPS devices and without GPS devices. 

8. How does FleetOS work without a GPS device?

FleetOS has an option to track your vehicles without a GPS device, which is called SIM-based tracking. It only needs an active mobile network to track.

9. How does SIM tracking work?

SIM-tracking concept works like mobile phone and prepaid recharge. But, first, you need to buy SIM credits and you can ping the number which you want to track.  

More answers to your sim tracking questions are here.

10. How to choose the best fleet management software for your business?

To be genuine, we have to accept that choosing the best fleet management software for your business isn’t easy. But, here we will try to helps you find out the best software. First, know your business requirement, next compare it with the available software in the market, give a trial, and finally select the one! We know you need a detailed version of these steps, and here it is!

11. FleetOS is for small businesses or Enterprises?

Either you have 1 truck or 1000+ trucks, FleetOS is for you both. We won’t separate small and large businesses; for us, it will always be business. So make use of FleetOS and grow your business with FleetOS. 

12. We know FleetOS is for fleet owners and managers but, is there any separate software for my drivers?

A big YES! Vamosys DRS application which was specially designed for universal drivers as a language-agnostic application. 

13. What is the connection between DRS and FleetOS?

FleetsOS and DRS are interconnected applications. Where fleet owners use FleetOS to manage, monitor, maintain, and provide any instructions to the drivers about all the fleet operations, where the DRS application helps drivers to communicate and update each and every status from loading to unloading to the fleet owner without making phone calls. 

For Example: Let’s take a situation; the driver needs to fill fuel for his truck in between the trip so he can raise a request on fuel fill, which will be updated in FleetOS so the fleet owner can reject or accept the purchase request. In addition, even drivers have the option of sending photos to the fleet owners on the invoices. Using these applications, fleet owners can avoid any fuel cheat.

14. What savings can I make from FleetOS?

FleetOS is mainly developed for savings. So, how do FleetOS helps you to save? 

FleetOS helps you to

  1. Increase the fleet efficiency 
  2. Reduce human errors
  3. Reducing maintenance cost
  4. Improve fuel efficiency
  5. Reduce operational costs.

15. Do I get a demo for using FleetOS?

Yes! We have our sales and support team open for you to clear all your doubts on FleetOS. Not only for doubts, but also, we will schedule a demo meeting, and our salesperson will escort you to each and every option with FleetOS.

If you think you need a handbook with you – visit:

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