About Fleet Management( FeetOS): FAQs (Part-1)

1. What is FleetOS?

FleetOS is 360` fleet management software, designed to manage all fleet operations in one place like you can make trip plans, you can manage your expenses throughout the trips, you can completely manage your valuable drivers and trucks throughout trips, and mainly you can reduce manual phone call communication in unwanted time. 

2. How to pronounce FleetOS?

OS is the two separated letters which means Operating System. The word FleetOS means fleet operating system and together say it like “f-lee-t-O-S.” 

3. How to use FleetOS? - simple steps

  • If an organization was not created previously in the FleetOS application, please create a new organization with the requirements. 
  • Add vehicles to the organization. 
  • Create a trip with the added vehicles. 
  • Manage, monitor, and control your drivers, trucks, and expenses throughout the trip. 

That’s it you started using FleetOS application successfully. For more details, please take a look at the FleetOS demo video.

4. Who needs FleetOS/for whom FleetOS are designed?

FleetOS are used by one who handles vehicles for commercial purposes. Whether you can handle 1 truck or 1000+ trucks, the FleetOS application is for every fleet handler.

5. Why do you need to use FleetOS?

FleetOS make you feel like managing fleets isn’t so difficult. The moment you introduce FleetOS into your logistics business will make your complicated business into a simple form, and you can monitor or manage both your drivers and trucks from a single place without making any calls in an unwanted time.

6. How do FleetOS help to reduce driver shortage?

Driver shortages are a significant problem faced in the transportation industry. Why is it happening? What is the reason for driver shortage? Mainly driver shortages are due to age restrictions and schooling/qualifications of today’s generation. 

How FleetOS help you to overcome the driver shortage? If you think we can increase the driver numbers, then it is impossible. But, FleetOS helps to increase the productivity of the drivers by reducing idle hours where a driver can make 12,000km in place of 6000km per month. 

7. Is GPS compulsory to use FleetOS?

FleetOS, a new-gen fleet management software; which doesn’t require a separate GPS device to track your asset. Then how is it possible? How does the tracking option in FleetOS work? FleetOS helps you to track your asset either with a GPS device or Without using a GPS device called SIM-based tracking. 

8. What if I already installed a GPS device in my vehicle?

With the FleetOS application, you can connect your own compatible GPS device.

9. Which country can make use of FleetOS?

FleetOS is a universal application to manage your fleets all over the world. 

10. What are all the reports you get from FleetOS?

  1. Tracking Reports based on (GPS device tracking or SIM-based tracking).
  2. Vehicle wise trip reports 
  3. Expenses reports (vehicle wise and trip wise)
  4. Driver performance report throughout a trip. 
  5. Fuel consumption and mileage report.

11. Can I let someone view FleetOS data?

Yes! You can invite your fleet manager or any member to view or edit the report. If you want someone else to edit the report, you may give them the permission as a manager; else, you give members permission where you can only view the trip details.

12. Where do I buy the best fleet management software?

You are in the right place to own your fleet management software. Visit: https://vamosys.com/FleetOS-fms-fleet-management-systems and schedule a demo or signup to use your FleetOS account immediately.

Here is a guide, which explains to you about signing into your FleetOS account? https://vamosys.com/how-to-signin-as-fleet-owner 

These are some of the frequently asked basic questions on the FleetOS application. After knowing the answers for all your beginner stage questions, get onto the advanced level, visit part-2 FAQs of FleetOS application to get the FleetOS usage demo link, to know the subscription plan, and many more interesting facts about FleetOS.

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