GPS Tracker for your Vehicle


Features of GPS Tracking Software

Real-Time Tracking

Instant vehicle position reports get your fleet information updated in real-time even as they move meter by meter.

Instant Notifications

Alerts in the form of SMS | Email | App notifications from our powerful and comprehensive Software.

Speed Monitoring

The speed of the vehicle can be regularly tracked to ensure the vehicle’s safety and well being.

Mobile App

A user friendly application which works on both the android and iOS platforms to track your vehicles on the go.

Geofense and landmarks

Creation of a virtual boundary in terms of fencing and sending alerts when your vehicles enter or leave a particular area / locality.


We constantly evolve and customize our features on demand for our customers to make their GPS tracking life as smooth as possible.

Vehicle Support Our GPS Trackers


With our GPS tracker get a live report for buses, monitor driver behaviour, Live bus location with our GPS tracking software.


Developed truck GPS tracker and solutions to help owners and fleet managers to track live location with our tracking software applications.


By car GPS tracker you will be able to locate your car and monitor with our tracking solutions.


In emergency services the GPS tracker devices and applications support location identification and tracking purposes.

Heavy Vehicle

Our GPS trackers are compatible with heavy vehicles such as dumpers, JCBs, mining vehicles.

GPS Tracking Devices We Offer

FMB 920
FMB 120
FMB 125
JV 200

Benefits of GPS Trackers

Save Vehicle Fuel

On an average in the logistics industry for every 100 rupees spent, that 25 rupees is for fuel. With fuel price increase and diesel theft happening, saving fuel becomes a major problem for fleet managers. 25% fuel can be saved with our fuel monitoring solution.

Fleet Tracking

For Fleet owners and managers we have simplified your work with our softwares to track your fleet, location identification, parking alert and speed monitoring with GPS tracker to support your business.

Improve vehicle Maintenance

With efficient GPS trackers, fleet owners can improve their vehicle maintenance and performance with our vehicle tracking software solutions.

Our Happy Dealers

“We have had a positive experience with Vamosys. Team Vamosys has helped us in setting up GPS business in Coimbatore region. They have provided a great service and guidance throughout the process and supported us in all possible ways to grow our business under their franchise model. We thank Vamosys for providing us to be their business franchise.”

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Gautam & Karthick Business Partners of Fleettrack

“I am really glad that I chose Vamosys dealership to do my GPS business. Vamosys made the process of starting the GPS business simple for me in Delhi and made their channel partner. I would recommend Vamosys to anyone who needs a start GPS business in their region.”

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Hemanth, Managing Director Ejecta Company - Delhi

Best GPS Tracker Devices and App in India and Global Market

We are offering the best GPS trackers devices from the lithuanian Teltonika GPS manufactures for fuel monitoring with ITALON Fuel Sensor. We have been providing the GPS tracker app in India for location tracking, speed monitoring, fuel monitoring, idle and parking, Geofence alerts and client customisation requirements.

The GPS tracker devices we provide are JV200, WeTrack2, OBD22 good tracking devices at affordable prices in India.

We don’t restrict ourselves to Indian Market alone, we are supplying our GPS tracker devices and software applications to the global market. Currently we are supplying to over 15 countries.

How to calibrate GPS device?

  • In this demo video, you will get detailed insights on how to view and download various reports from VAMOSYS GPS Software.

Affordable GPS Tracker Device Price for Dealers and Customers

The price for GPS tracker devices we offer is the best price in the market. We provide GPS tracker devices from manufacturers like Teltonika, Concox, Cantrack. The GPS tracking device prices are fixed according to the requirements of customers.

We also provide the GPS tracker devices to dealers and resellers. The GPS tracking device price we offer to resellers is fixed again depending on various factors like Minimum order quantity and number of devices ordered on a monthly basis. Again we offer the best price for GPS tracking devices to dealers and resellers.

Our Happy Customers


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