Fleet Management Software Solutions

FleetOS aims to provide “Operate the fleet without making a call”. With this fleet management software you can do trip planning, expenses management of trip, driver, truck and Fleet level, reduce communication gap and help to focus on business growth.

Fleet Management

Location & Position

Live location tracking with & without GPS devices. Along with exact loading & unloading positions.

Trip plans & Executions

End to End trip planning and executions. ETA, delay alerts, route optimizations and deviations.


Toll (Fast-tag), 3PL, Manufacturers and GPS-VTS providers

Driver Shortages

VAMOSYS Driver App helps you to manage driver profiles, history, feedback ,incentives, salary and retention.

Features of Our Fleet Management Solutions

Fleet Management includes multiple functions that fleet owners have to carry out with a common objective of minimizing costs, risks to maximize efficiency and productivity. Some of the major functions are vehicle tracking and maintenance, supply chain management, accident prevention, driver management, speed management and fuel monitoring.

Document Digitisation

Digitized documents of all ePODs, eBILLs etc and Approval flows for expenditure management.

How our FMS Solutions empower Business Decisions?

The demand for fleet management solutions is rapidly increasing due to the fact that transport and logistics form the key factor of all business operations. The fleet management system is evolving technology globally, designed for those aiming to achieve ambitious targets.

Businesses have to be involved in this tech-revolution and depend upon IoT, Telematics, Database Information Software, GPS and other Autonomous Machinery for a smooth and streamlined workflow.

Fleet management system resolves the problem of poor fleet management. Our solutions are constantly evolving in order to bring the best out of our clients’ businesses. Our dynamic and advanced technology can help your business become better organized and obtain greater efficiency.

Want to optimise your fleet with our FMS Solutions?

Get customised reports and data for

your fleet handling.

Fleet Management Software Preview

Document Uploads

Manage the vehicle document of all the vehicles using the FleetOS application. Vehicle Permit, Vehicle Insurance document, registration document, pollution certificate documents on a single platform.

Trip Planning

In the FleetOS application trip planning for loading and unloading are simplified with the integration of Vamosys driver application.

Vehicle Checklist

Get the detailed information on the vehicle checklist report at the time of inspection. Safety belts, brakes, engine, steering wheel, grease packing, headlight reports.

Vehicle Status

Get the consolidated vehicle status report on the FleetOS web application. On this report, get information related to the vehicle movement, fuel report, mileage data, vehicle checklist details, trip status on the Vehicle status dashboard.


Other Fleet management Software VS Vamosys Fleet Management Software (FleetOS)

Fleet Management Systems Fleet Operating System (FleetOS)
Manage the problem
Most FMS softwares doesn't try to solve problems in Fleet management instead they help to manage the problem.
Solve the problem
FleetOS provides holistic ecosystem to operate the fleet in most efficient and systematic manner by solving every issues in the business.
XL sheet planning
Majority of the Fleet handlers use age old excel sheet for trip planning which has inherent shortcomings.
Complete Online Planning
FleetOS provides robust mechanism to plan the trip and execute it as per plan via mobile and web interfaces in collaborations with drivers.
Driver Management
The most critical and weakest link in the fleet business. No sincere attempts were taken to solve this problem.
Comprehensive Driver Management
FleetOS provides comprehensive solution to improve and handle the driver workforce in most efficient manner.
Expenses management
Next to drivers, expenses were the most difficult problem in fleet business. No comprehensive solution exist.
Trip P&L
With FleetOS, every expenses can be tracked in automated way. Fleet owners can create P&L for every trip.

What you will get from our Fleet Management System

Trip Scheduling and Planning: Fleet managers can plan and schedule the trip for your logistics business on the fleet management application, instead of maintaining in the excel sheet.

Location Tracking without GPS: Live location tracking with & without GPS devices. Along with exact loading & unloading positions.

Expenses Management: Manage vehicle trip expenses digitally for paying toll, fuel expenses, spares & service expenses, salary expenses and other en routes expense.

Centralised Driver Management: With our innovative Digital “Action-Oriented Communication” get feedbacks on the driver, driver profile history will be accessible.

Routes Optimisation: You can optimise the routes with our fleet management software based on real-time tracking and monitoring.

Vehicle Checklist: For regular maintenance of your vehicle, the checklist for maintenance can be maintained on our fleet management software.

Trip P&L: Get a detailed report and analysis of your vehicle trip, you can assess whether the trip has produced profit or loss to your business.

DRS Integration: You can integrate the Driver relay system for non-stop truck services. 

Loading and unloading point customizations: We provide fleet management solutions that can be customized to the needs of your business.

ERP, 3PL, Manufacturer integration (APIs): You can integrate the enterprise resource planning (ERP), third-party logistics (3PL), and manufacturer integrations on our fleet management solutions.

POD and other documents upload and maintenance: Handle all vehicle documents on a single platform to reduce the headache of handling multiple files.


Client Photo
Selva, CEO VJ Logistics – TamilNadu

We able to open up our new operation in a new route within a day and we able to meet customer SLAs without failures. Also there are no fuel thefts. Thanks VAMOSYS-DRS.

Client Photo
Ram , CEO Sure Logistics – Gurgaon

VAMOSYS DRS has done wonders to our operations. Truck Idling time reduced by 50% and we able expand to in new routes where we don’t have strength.

Our Happy Customers


Yes, we provide the tracking support on both Android and iOS mobile applications.

Fleet management requires GPS device, live tracking is useful when you have a large fleet of vehicles which is hard to manage, by installing GPS tracker, you can monitor the speed, unnecessary vehicle stoppage, you can even set geofencing and get alerts when the vehicle goes outside the geofence which is beneficial for managing the vehicles.

You will get over speed reports, ignition on/report, Overspeed, vehicle idle report, trip time.

Yes, we offer customized solutions for your business needs if you are looking for customised solutions, please fill the form provided below.

Fleet management solutions show a cluster of data from your fleet, data like trip time, waiting hours, vehicle health, axial load strength which can be monitored and analysed in a single platform.

You can increase the safety of your fleet, improve fuel efficiency, vehicle maintenance, reducing fuel pilferage with our fleet management solutions.

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