Fleet Management System: Top Alert notifications to ease Fleet managers works

Managing fleet activities all alone by fleet managers is a tedious process. The activities involved for a single fleet vehicle involves trip planning, route planning, monitoring fuel usage, vehicle maintenance, reviewing toll charges, improving safety, and much more. It is possible to check the mentioned above for one or two vehicles. Imagine the life of a fleet manager who manages the operations for a large fleet.

Every fleet owner or fleet manager’s concern is to deliver the consignment on time, ensure driver’s safety, vehicle safety, retain customers & clients, and promote the business effectively. The fleet manager is solely responsible for monitoring and looks after everything in fleet operations without any flaw.

What are the tasks of a fleet manager while managing the fleet operations?

Fleet managers have to keep a hawk-eye on different parameters from assigning works to the best employees, monitor the activities that happen on the road, quoting and invoices, handling admin dashboard, review the driver performance based on each trip, expense management, driver activities related to fuel consumption, updating periodical vehicle maintenance, ensuring vehicle safety checklist, trip allocation and confirming the delivery status to the end customer. 

Earlier, without the intervention of technology, the entire fleet activities were done manually. It caused lots of errors, missing information about the details of vehicles due to paperwork, and led to road accidents because of poor vehicle maintenance & driver distraction. 

But now, thanks to technological developments like IoT (Internet Of Things), cloud-based technologies, Saas software that has been developed to help the fleet managers, and many fleet owners are adopting these technologies to their fleet to optimize the operation efficiently through digitization. 

The integration of the Fleet Management System has brought many changes to manage operations. But still, the fleet manager has to sit before a monitor for a prolonged time to watch the status of vehicles around 500 – 5000 in a fleet. 

To give leniency to the fleet managers, customized real-time alerts and notifications can be set in the fleet management software to know the driver’s whereabouts and the vehicle.

6 Top Real-time alerts to face the fleet challenges

The technology does more than just tracking the vehicles and monitoring the fleet maneuver. In particular, sensor technology plays an essential role in providing tailor-made alerts to the tracking fleet technology. 

The combination of sensor technology and IoT has made it possible to simplify fleet management tasks to send critical alerts. IoT is the intelligent technology of various interconnected networks where many companies rely on using this technology with embedded sensors on the vehicle to give live updates. 

GPS tracking Fleet management software comes with the alert notification system to the various parameters that cross the limits of a specified function. The fleet managers can gain control and focus more on the task by setting priorities. 

You just need to look at what type of alerts that you need for your business?

In this blog, I will give a clear view of alerts that are needed the most for your fleet. 

Speed Alerts

For the vehicle that crosses the maximum threshold of speed or MPH, the technology notifies the fleet managers to avoid any mishaps and complaints from the public. Fleet managers are accountable for the truckers whether they follow the traffic rules and safety in operating trucks.

Through rash driving, there is a possibility for damage to the consignment. The real-time speed alerts and sensors help mentor drivers prevent lousy driving and interact with drivers to keep track of driving behavior and control their driving patterns.

Idling Alerts

Fleet management software helps to identify the idling time of the vehicle. Vehicle idling cannot be avoided, but there will be wastage of fuel if it lasts for more time.

The real-time alerts of the On/Off of ignition system will be sent to the fleet manager so that he calculates the movement of the vehicle when the engine starts and where the vehicle idles more than the specified time plus when the engine is turned off.

Geofence Alerts

When a vehicle diverts from the destined path, it sends an alert to the FMS software. Geofence is all about placing location points virtually in a geography boundary to send alerts when a truck enters or leaves a specified location. 

For example, if a truck travels in a different path other than the original path. It causes a delay in the delivery of the consignment on time. In a fleet business, the tactics to retain a customer are through on time and fast delivery.

Temperature alerts

The challenge in HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air conditioning, and cold chain) fleet industry is to maintain a stable temperature throughout the journey. Most customers rely on the products from cold chain supply like transport of medicines, vaccination, meats, and milk products. It has to be maintained with idle temperature during travel from source to destination. If the idle temperature drops below the limit, it can cause spoilage or waste products/foods. 

The temperature sensor sends an alert to the fleet managers if the range of temperature rises or falls below range. It’s easy for fleet managers to see the updates on a mobile instead of checking the updates of the truck individually.

Driver safety alerts

Fleet drivers are valuable resources to a company. They have the most challenging job of driving a truck for long hours. It’s mandatory that they need to focus and concentrate on driving for long hours. Sometimes, due to some distraction, they might end up with fatal accidents. 

The alerts help detect crashes when the driver presses an emergency panic button in case of asset theft, non-use of seatbelts, and violations of the major driving rules.


If the vehicle operates beyond work hours, it alerts the fleet manager. Drivers using vehicles without permission could lead to problems because the fleet manager is responsible for monitoring the fleet vehicles. The minute whoever starts the vehicle engine, it sends an alert to the fleet manager mobile to warn/stop them. 

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