Trip Management Software for Fleet management

To monitor the vehicle trip activity, delivery of the consignment, and to optimize the expenses related to the trip using an efficient trip management system.

Features of Trip Management Software

Single Trip and Round Trip Option

With our trip management system, the fleet operators can create a single trip and round trip for logistics movement.

Driver list and allocation

Manage all your drivers on a single platform and allocate the trip vehicle to the respective driver using a trip management system.

Multiple loading and unloading stops

As per the logistics operation requirements, the operators can create multiple loading points and unloading points.

Trip related Expenses management

Fleet operators can get the expenses, invoices, bills, and documents for each trip from the respective driver using the universal driver application.

Trip-wise Fuel consumption and mileage reports

Get the detailed fuel consumption and mileage reports trip-wise for each vehicle on the trip management application on installing fuel monitoring solution.

Trip Document Management

As per the logistics operation requirements, the operators can create multiple loading points and unloading points.

Benefits of Trip Management system

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Saves travel time

Proper trip management ensures time management and makes trip management simpler with the software tool.

User-friendly interface

The application is simple and easy to use with a user-friendly interface for trip creation and management.
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Informative reports

Get various reports that help you understand the trip in detail. It also helps you to compare your previous trip with the current one.

How did Trip Management Software work?

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To create a trip on the trip management software application is simple, the logistics operator needs to add a vehicle, driver details, pick and drop location on the trip plan. On saving the trip, the driver gets a notification on his driver app for new trip status, mentioning pick and drop points. The driver needs to update all the status of the entire trip using his driver app, also share bills, invoices, and documents using his app.

Trip Status

Get the live trip status on the application, the location can be tracked using the GPS device or SIM tracking option.

Trip Summary

Summary of the trip, distance traveled, fuel consumption, mileage report and location history.

Vehicle Trips

Know the detail of all the trips taken by the vehicle to understand the number of trips allocated and completed to the respective vehicle.


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