Bus Tracking System

Track and monitor securely with our bus GPS tracker to scale up the transportation business.

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Features of Our Bus Tracking System

Live Tracking of Bus

Track the live location of the bus for monitoring the vehicle movement with our advanced bus tracking system.

Fuel Monitoring

On installing the fuel level sensor along with the bus tracker the transporters can monitor the fuel consumption and fuel theft reports.

Detailed Vehicle Reports

Get detailed reports of the bus like overspeeding, harsh braking, parking & idling time, engine on/off to improve the vehicle performance.

Avoid Vehicle Theft

Identify the bus location in case if any emergency situation occurs such as vehicle theft with the bus tracking software solutions.

Route Optimisation

Transporters can guide the bus driver to optimize the bus route to avoid unnecessary delays in reaching the destination with our advanced bus tracking system.

Alert Notifications

Get alert notifications on major updates and occurrences in buses on installing the bus tracker device on the vehicle.

Bus Health Analytics

A bus maintenance schedule can be regulated with detailed reports from the bus tracker such as speed data, fuel mileage data, and fuel consumption reports.

Web and Mobile Application

Our bus tracking system is available on both web and mobile applications. The bus tracking software is available both on android and iOS mobile devices.

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Why transporters need Bus Tracking System

The bus tracking system ensures vehicle safety, regular monitoring of vehicle, location tracking, detailed reports of buses such as speed report, Geofence report, vehicle idle report, parking report, engine on/off status. All these reports and data help the transporters in managing the fleet. Also, the fleet operators will get detailed insights on the bus health to improve the performance that consequently reduces the operational cost.

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Features of Our Bus Tracking System

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Effective monitoring

The transporters can effectively monitor the fleet using the bus tracking system which improves the fleet management process, increase productivity and business growth.

Complete Service

At VAMOSYS we provide the complete bus tracking system service from installation to device procurement and software optimization to the bus transporters.
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Improved safety

The bus tracking system improves vehicle safety for all the stakeholders from transporters to passengers.

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GPS Bus Tracking System in India

The bus tracking system will improve the overall process in the Indian transportation segment. On installing the bus GPS tracker on the vehicles the fleet operators can maintain the proper schedules, maintain vehicle health reports, optimize routes, improve vehicle mileage with fuel reports.

Also, the bus transporters in India can monitor the driver’s behavior with the vital reports generated by the bus tracking solution to improve the driver driving performance.

At VAMOSYS, we provide complete support to our clients for the smooth process of fleet management and improve business performance.

It is better to deploy the bus GPS tracker on the vehicle to get the advantages of the technology, meet the market demands and safety measures.,

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