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Customers rated our GPS telematics solutions is one among the best in the world  to track the vehicles, monitor fuel level & temperature and OBD2 data analysis with advanced GPS devices from all popular manufacturers.

Our Telematics Solutions


Vehicle Tracking System

We offer customised tracking system to track your vehicles.

AIS 140 Device

ARAI Approved AIS 140 NAVIC GPS devices for public transportation.

Fuel Monitoring System

Real time monitoring to prevent fuel theft with advanced sensor technology.

Telematics Software Plans


VAMOSYS Telematics

Free Trial 28 days
  • upto 9 basic licenses
  • Self onboarding
  • All features included


Fuel & Temperature monitoring

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  • Regional Sales leads
  • Installation training
  • Customer Support

AIS 140


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Telematics App Features

Fleet tracking dashboard displays your fleet of vehicles in a map, you can view the location of your vehicles in real-time and access reports, sensors data, analytics in the dashboard.

Fleet Tracking
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With the fuel mileage analysis you can check entire fleets fuel consumption in accordance to the distance covered and how much fuel has been consumed.

Fuel Mileage
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Overspeeding is the major problem for fleet owners, this leads to vehicle damage, goods loss and less fuel mileage by monitoring the truck speed of each and every vehicles of your fleet you can make sure the safety of the drivers and train them if over-speeding occurs.

Overspeed Report
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In every fleet we need to keep constant watch on the vehicles performance such as number of time the vehicles has been parked, over speed data, time consumed for each trip, start location and end location of trip for better understanding.

Vehicle wise Performance Report
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Dealers, Distributors and Resellers - Your Success is Our Success.

We provide sales leads in your area , complete training on GPS  devices & Fuel sensor installations.  Easy to use control panel and outstanding customer support will help you to succeed in this business.

Vamosys Telematics Solutions - Industries Covers

Our telematics solutions – GPS vehicle tracking, fuel monitoring systems and temperature monitoring are best fitted to all sectors on economy namely primary sector, secondary sector and tertiary sector.

Delivery Truck






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“We have had a positive experience with Vamosys. Team Vamosys has helped us in setting up GPS business in Coimbatore region. They have provided a great service and guidance throughout the process and supported us in all possible ways to grow our business under their franchise model. We thank Vamosys for providing us to be their business franchise.”

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Gautam & Karthick Business Partners of Fleettrack

“I am really glad that I chose Vamosys dealership to do my GPS business. Vamosys made the process of starting the GPS business simple for me in Delhi and made their channel partner. I would recommend Vamosys to anyone who needs a start GPS business in their region.”

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Hemanth, Managing Director Ejecta Company - Delhi

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Telematics is used for monitoring car, trucks and even personal assets it comes in all size and forms, it works by using onboard GPS on the telematics device which in turn transmits the data to the server which is processed and shown in the form of web application or mobile application

Telematic devices collect the data from the vehicle such as vehicle location, vehicle speed data, brake analysis, an OBD tracker which connects to the OBD port of the vehicle will show the status of engine health, AC on/off, engine temperature. All these data are processed and transmitted to servers, which can be analysed with the help of web applications or mobile apps.

Telematics plays a key role in fleet management by optimising the vehicles and the drivers' performance. Fleet management helps in reducing fuel expenses, vehicle maintenance, live tracking of vehicles, it also increases the safety of the vehicle by monitoring the vehicle's speed and also analysing driver behaviour to improve vehicle handling.

Few Telematic devices like OBD II tracker can be installed without any assistance,

1. Before installing the OBD tacker make sure that the ignition is turned off 

2. Identify the OBD port in your vehicle which usually resides under the dashboard

3. Locate the OBD port and insert the OBD tracker in the OBD port 

4. After installing the OBD tracker put the back the dashboard back

5. Turn on the ignition and download our application and proceed to the registration

Telematic devices have state of the art hardware that uses high sensitivity GPS chip to provide accurate location. Telematics devices are placed in the vehicle without obstruction to the antenna for accurate location capturing at good data transfer rates.

Yes, we offer demo services on request. If you are interested in our telematics solutions like vehicle tracking and fuel monitoring, please reach us

Typically, telematics runs on the web platform, the basic requirement is the latest web browser and also through the android application with minimum android version 4.0

With the help of telematics device in the vehicle, you can track your vehicle in real-time, along with that, you can request your driver to take faster routes, reduce driver mishaps, constantly monitor driver behaviour and secure your goods by using a portable GPS tracker. 

We offer services ranging from, fleet management, fuel monitoring solutions, vehicle tracking along with temperature monitoring that has unique features with accurate report generation and analysis for fleet maintenance. 

We help in clearing out the blockade caused by integrating services into our software platforms such as fuel monitoring, geofencing, tollgate report, expenses report and engine health, with these reports you can analyse and reduce your fleet expenses, with enhanced operational efficiency you do not have the need to micromanage your fleet operations.