Assessment Test - FLEET MANAGER

Number of Questions - 20

Test Duration - 15 mins

Test Instructions

This is an assessment test hosted by VAMO SYSTEMS Logistics experts. Candidates can self evaluate their knowledge in Road Logistics. On scoring more than 70% one will get VAMOSYS CERTIFIED FLEET MANAGER - Level 1 certificate.

  1. This is an online test and choose one right option for all questions.
  2. Attempt all the questions.
  3. All questions carry equal marks

The test contains questions from

  1. Knowledge on vehicles
  2. Laws and regulations related to Logistics in India
  3. Fleet Management
  4. Routes and Driver related

You will be certified as VAMOSYS CERTIFIED FLEET MANAGER on passing this test.

All the Best!

The test is completed!


Please fill the form below to check the correct answers and to get certificates of ‘QUALIFIED FLEET MANAGER’ on passing the test, enter your email address to receive the certificate.

Note: Certificates will be provided for candidates who have secured more than 70% in the test. Forcandidates scoring below than 70%, we will provide participation certificate to your registered email.

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For aspiring fleet managers and those who are preparing fleet management courses to understand the fleet operation costs, vehicle maintenance and regulatory compliance, this test will be helpful to understand the fleet manager’s role in the logistics industry.

Aspiring fleet managers preparing on online fleet management training classes, to understand the concepts of latest fleet management techniques, safety parameters and compliance standards this assessment will help to assess the online fleet management training course preparation process.

Certified Automotive Fleet Manager is the highest level of certification for the fleet managers. To get the fleet management certification, the fleet managers to pass the series of examinations to complete the certification process. This fleet management assessment test will be helpful to prepare the certification automotive fleet manager exam preparation.

There are a lot of online fleet management courses available on the online course offerings across the globe. Fleet manager aspirants can choose best online courses as per their wish. Here are some of the popular online fleet management courses NAFA Online Learning and Certification Courses, OSHA Online Fleet Safety Training, Udemy fleet management courses, Grainger DOT Online Training.


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