Route Optimisation Software

To increase route efficiency and reduce time in consignment delivery for the logistics industry.

Fleet Expenses Management

How Route Optimisation Software improve the delivery process

Fast Delivery Routes

Route optimization software technology guides the logistics fleet operators to deliver the consignment is the easiest and fast route using a dedicated routing algorithm.

Better Delivery Experience

Delivery of consignment to the customer location and timely delivery will improve the better customer experience using route optimization.

Delivery Time Saving

The fleet operators can save time in reaching the loading and unloading locations with the quickest route and guide drivers better to save the delivery time.

Delivery Route Optimization will support your Business

Plan and Route Optimization

Proper route planning and guidance to drivers to deliver the consignment to reach the destination without any delay will increase customer satisfaction and retention in the logistics business.

Driver Tracking

The advanced vehicle tracking system help to track the consignment vehicle and routes driven by the driver to reach the loading and unloading locations.
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Tracking of Consignment to Customers

The customers can track their respective consignments using online vehicle tracking and route optimization software. Based on the ETA, the customers can schedule the next work schedule in their respective businesses.
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Reports and Analytics

Both fleet operators and customers can access the reports of vehicle distance traveled, time taken to reach the destination, parking time, vehicle idling, and other such information to assess the delivery performance.

How Routing software help Logistics Operators

The routing software help the fleet manager plan, optimize, guide, share the route plan to customers and track the consignments using the vehicle tracking and route planning software.

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