Service Trucks Inventory Management Software System

Manage all the spares and stocks related to the trucks, storeroom and warehouse visibility for efficient management of items.

Features of Inventory Management Software

Warehouse Management

Complete setup of warehouse management to store the stocks in place.

Inventory management

Stock details, spare availability, usage, and allocation of parts to vehicles are provided in detail.

Stock Movement

Get comprehensive details of stock movement and details on inventory management tool.

Process Management

Details of sales order, allocated details, confirmation from service, and delivery note.

Detailed Reports

Generate detailed reports on store information, stocks and billing reports

Advantages of Inventory Management in Fleet Management

Advantages of Inventory

Why fleet operator requires Inventory Management?

Inventory optimization

Inventory optimization

To track qualities of part usage, order receives data to ensure the smooth process of truck service management for an efficient vehicle on the road.

Spare parts cost reduction

Having proper spare parts quantities save time on unnecessary purchasing and storage spaces in the warehouses.
Advantages of Inventory

Purchasing Process Streamline

It will improve the ordering and purchasing process of spares for fleet operations to lower costs and vehicle downtime.

How does Inventory Management System work?

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