School Bus Tracking System

Features of our School Bus Tracking System

School Bus Tracking

With our tracking system administration of school buses, the safety of children in the school buses, regular tracking, and monitoring of school buses is ensured.

GeoFence Marking

Geofencing functionality enables the geo marking of school areas, pick and drop places of children to get periodic alert notifications.

Fuel Cost Management

With our school bus fuel monitoring system get regular reports on fuel consumption, fuel filling, reduce the excessive idling time to reduce fuel expenditure and bus operational costs.

Driver Behaviour Monitoring

The school administration can monitor the driver behavior installed in the GPS tracking system on school buses based on the Overspeed report, harsh braking pattern reports.

School Bus Maintenance

Plan the regular maintenance schedule of your school buses based on the reports generated by our tracking system on mileage, health report for better bus maintenance.

Mobile and Web Application

School administration can access and monitor the school bus tracking on both our web and mobile application that are available on android and iOS mobile devices.

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Importance of School Bus Tracking Application for Parents and School

Installing a tracking system on the school bus ensures the safety of students along with this the school management can monitor the entire school bus and the parents can track the real-time movement of their ward in the school bus. Here are we are listing the major significance of the school bus tracking system.

Students Safety bus

Students Safety

Parent wants their child to travel safely in a school bus without any worry. The parent need not worry about the safe arrival to school if they can access the vehicle movement in real-time using the school bus tracking system on their mobile. The installed GPS devices will share the live location with the parents so that parents can be relieved with the aid of technology.

school bus arrival and departure monitoring

Arrival and Departure monitoring for Parents

Parents can now be relived with the school bus tracking system, they will be well aware of the expected time of arrival and departure time of school bus. So, they can avoid the unnecessary wait time in their respective bus stop for drop and pick of their children.

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Cost Saving Technology

The school bus tracking system helps the school management in vehicle maintenance. The installed GPS tracking system will help in identifying vehicle mileage, fuel consumption, route optimization, reduce idle time, and identify driver behaviors. All these data and reports help the school management to improve vehicle performance and reduce maintenance costs.

Driver Behavior with students

Driver Behaviour Management

The driver behavior analysis can be done with the aid of school bus tracking software. The GPS devices will provide vital information on vehicle speed patterns, Overspeed reports, braking patterns, vehicle parking times. The school administration can monitor the driver’s behavior, based on the report the administrator can review the driver’s performance to ensure the safety of school children.

Advantages of Our School Bus Tracking System

Software addresses the demands of users

The school bus tracking software fulfills the needs of the school administration in bus management and for parents, it ensures safety.

Reports Generation

Our school bus tracking system generates various reports on tracking, vehicle, and other safety parameters to analyze the performance of the vehicle, driver behaviour.

Increase in Safety

With our school bus software management and parents can track the bus using mobile app with regular update notifications.

Best GPS tracker installed

We at VAMOSYS install the best GPS tracker devices on the school bus to track and monitor the vehicle in real-time using GSM / GPRS services.

API Integration Available

We are providing an API integration option on our school bus tracking system to integrate with the best GPS trackers and ERP software.

School Rebranding of Apps

We are also offering a white-label option to the GPS dealers and Franchise to rebrand our school bus tracking system.

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School Bus Tracking System in India

The school buses in India, most of the time adhere to traffic rules and follow the guidelines in driving the school bus. But there are occurrences where reckless driving, harsh driving, and not following the traffic guidelines lead to pressure on school management in ensuring the safety of school children.

On installing the school bus tracking system, the school administration can monitor the school bus in real-time, get the live reports of the entire fleet with installed GPS tracker devices.

The school bus tracking system creates a complete ecosystem where school authorities, parents and students will ensure their safety while they are en route to school and home.

Features of our School Bus Tracking System

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