School Bus Tracking Solutions

  • Regular Alerts
  • Notifications to parents
  • Customized Reports

Features of Our School Bus Tracking System

Live Tracking

The accurate location of your child school bus can be tracked with our tracking solutions.

Alert Notifications

Alerts in the form of SMS / Email / app notification can be received from our tracker application.

Activity Report

All activity reports can be stored into the device through the data received through our tracker.

History Log

The Data for the activity for the last 30 days is stored which can be downloaded for all future references.

Mobile App for you

A user friendly application which works on android and iOS platform to track your child.

Geofence and Landmarks

A Virtual boundary in terms of fencing can be created and alerts can be sent when your school bus enters or leaves a particular Area / Locality.

Get customised tracking solutions for your school bus

Highlights of our School Bus Tracking Solutions

Keep your children safe on the School bus Travel. We provide minute by minute travel information to parents and school employees between school and home journeys.

Emergency SOS

The provision of SOS button in school bus GPS tracker helps to improve the safety of children on school bus to ensure safe journey.

School Administration Analytics

School management will be able to streamline the operation process by using our school bus tracking system. Complete reports of school bus will be provided on our application like vehicle status, idle reports, fuel reports, maintenance schedules.

Parent Compatibility

Our school bus solution is compatible to all kind of buses. The application is available in both android and iOS mobile for monitoring.

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