Video telematics

Real-time monitoring of your vehicle using advanced dashcam technology with our video telematics solution.

Video telematics work

Features of Video Telematics

Reliable Video Coverage

Get the reliable video coverage of your vehicle using advanced camera and monitor the vehicle using the GPS tracking software application.

24/7 Visibility, 360 degree Views

Fleet operators can have the 360 degree view of the vehicle using the installed GPS device and cameras and monitor the vehicle 24x7.

Video Evidence

Get the accurate video evidence for all the driver behaviour and vehicle details using our advanced video telematics technology.

Multiple Camera Views

On installing camera on various sides of the vehicle, the fleet operator can have multiple camera views of the vehicle to monitor the vehicle tracking.

Accident Footage

If in case any accident occur on the trip, the fleet operators can get the accident footage clips for multiple purposes.

Simplistic Design

Our application design is simple to use with GPS vehicle tracking and video telematics monitoring using dashcams both on web and mobile.

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Benefits of Video Telematics

The major benefit of installing video telematics is the fleet operator get the complete picture and clarity on all the incidents occured enroute of the trip.

Better fleet security

The fleet operators can get the live vehicle movement with video footage and get the vehicle condition in real-time with video telematics.

A trustworthy eyewitness

The live video footages will be recorded with the aid of software applications and these footages can be downloaded for various purposes including evidence in case of accidents.
How we solve the fleet expenses management?

Inspect Driving Activity

Driver behaviour monitoring is one of the most critical aspect in fleet management, now with the aid of video telematics technology the monitoring is simplified.
bus tracking using mobile

Immediate notification of incidents

The fleet manager will get instant notifications on all majot incidents occur on the vehicle while it is on trip for consignment delivery.
Truck GPS Tracker

Vehicle tracking and monitoring

Vehicle speed, driver behavior metrics and where the vehicle parked all the vital information along with video clip the vehicle monitoring and tracking can be done with video telematics.
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Fleet Dash Cam Devices


JC400P 4G Dash Cam

Dual camera with simultaneous dual recording. One camera facing the road and another camera facing the cabin.


JC400 Dual channel DashCam

One camera facing Road. Another (external) camera can be placed anywhere.


JC400D DashCam with ADAS

One camera facing the road. Another camera driver facing camera for ADAS (Live Driver monitoring and alerting system).

How video telematics works

Video telematics is advanced technology using the dashcam and other cameras in vehicle to provide vital information on vehicle data and driving data with real time video evidence using the GPS tracker devices.

There are multiple camera options are available the market such as road and driver facing, road facing and multiple camera (total four cameras inside and outside of vehicle).

The video telematics technology captures the high quality video and audio of the vehicle data and the events occur both inside and outside the vehicle, so that, the fleet operator will get 360 degree view of all the events.

Fleet operators will get all the live video clips of the vehicle using the video telematics technology with map tracking of vehicle with the aid of GPS tracker devices and vehicle tracking software application available in both web and mobile applications.

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How GPS integrated Dashcam protect your fleet?

With Logistics management software, it has multiple benefits for the logistics fleet operators:

Video Proof and vehicle protection.

Video telematics technology will provide you the vital video evidence to protect your vehicle and business from false statements.

Capabilities of Video telematics camera:

Understand Driver behaviour

Fleet operators can understand the driver behaviour better with the installed camera and its video footages, alerts and behaviour analytics to protect your fleet.

Actionable data from video telematics


Instant Alert Notifications

Get instant alert notifications of all major events occur on the vehicle using our advanced telematics technology.

Instant Notification

About our Dashcam

HD Commercial Dashboard Camera

The VidFleet CP4 is the world’s smallest 4-channel vehicle data recorder. CP4 is an LTE enabled device, which offers commercial vehicle owners an effective risk reducing means to aid in the investigation process, decrease collateral damages associated with car accidents, encourage safe driving, monitor driving behaviors, and enhance the overall safety on the road.

Dual Dash Cam for Total Visibility

With forward-facing and in-cab video capture, the CP2 offers the most complete view of the drive possible. Improve driver training, ensure compliance with safety standards, and protect your staff with the power of two-way visibility and in-cab video capture. Advanced incident camera with powerful video transmission, built-in tracking and telematics data.


Yes. The dashcam is suitable for trucks. Truck operators can install two channel dash cam with cabin and road view cameras and as per requirement they can also install truck dashcam using four channel cameras on vehicles for real-time monitoring.

Yes. The dash cam for cars can be installed to monitor the real-time vehicle movement and driver behaviour using dashcam video telematics technology. The car dashcam can be installed on the windshield to record and stream the road and cabin view.

The price of dashcam varies according to the requirement and number of camera channels installed as per requirement of customers.

The best dash cam in India is decided by the customer as per their requirement. We are offering our best dashcam to the Indian and global customers. Currently we are offering the best dashcam for vehicles namely JC400P, JC400 and JC400D.

Yes, the dashcam can be installed on vehicle front and rear using external camera on dash cam on the vehicles. As per the client requirement, we can install the cameras on vehicles. Currently, we are offering dual channel dashcam and four channel dashcam channels.

Vehicle dashcams we are offering have integrated GPS tracking on the dashcam device itself. The customer can track the vehicle real-time with location tracking with live video streaming using dashcam with GPS.

Most fleet operators installing the CCTV cameras on the vehicle to monitor and recording happening during the vehicle journey. But CCTV footages are for static monitoring and it is not compatible with G-shock of vehicle during the travel. Also the Vehicle CCTV camera used does not provide the live tracking of the vehicle, where as dashcam have integrated GPS tracking to track the vehicle.


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