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What is AIS 140 Device?

The Government of India has mandated that public transport vehicles should have strict safety compliance in April 2018. It has directed to install the government approved AIS 140 GPS devices on vehicles to improve the safety and address emergency situations.

The AIS 140 GPS devices will be useful in traffic management, reduce environmental impact, and avoid congestion on roads. 

While equipping their vehicles with AIS 140 licensed GPS devices, vehicle owners must take into account specific rules laid down by the Indian Automotive Research Association (ARAI) to protect the vehicles from becoming blacklisted on the roads.

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Who needs an AIS 140 GPS Tracker?

Rented cars and trucks

AIS 140 GPS device is mandatory for all rental trucks that are carrying goods.

Public Transport - Bus and Cars

All government buses and call taxis should have AIS 140 GPS devices for safety purposes.

School / College Buse

To improve the safety of students AIS 140 device is compulsory for school and college buses