Why Us - Vehicle Tracking System - VAMOSYS
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Why Us

VAMOSYS - GPS Vehicle Tracking System

Why Us

We master in simplifying fleet management and asset tracking solutions. We thrive and drive on purely satisfying our customer’s needs irrespective of the day and time. We at Vamosys believe customer satisfaction is not just a duty, but a top priority anyday. We also offer private tracking technology. Private tracking technology branch consist of personal tracking, pet tracking.

Our Company Status

Our GPS tracking solutions serve businesses irrespective of their sizes i.e., from large enterprises to small enterprises. We delicately asses the expectations and demands of a lead before we offer them the best options that you can choose and thus making your business an efficient one. We constantly evolve our features on demand for our customers to make their gps tracking life as easy as possible.

Experience an enormous fall in your monthly expenditures with the latest GPS devices in the market from Vamosys. Get and stay ahead of your competitors in the field of asset tracking. Keep a continuous and consistent track on your fleet.


With Vamosys you can:

  • Track and Control your fleet from your fingertips.
  • 24/7 Live asset tracking from anywhere and anytime.
  • Prevent asset and fuel theft.
  • Instant notification via emails, sms, App notifications.
  • Bring the best out of your fleet via asset tracking.

By investing in such technology, you’ll find yourself surprised by how much your day to day life has increased its productivity and observe improved efficiency in your works. If you are a large business, experience an enormous fall in your monthly expenditures. It’s not just us doing all the talk. Take a look at, what our beloved customers has to say on using Vamosys services.

Our Morals:

The foundation of our culture is honesty, integrity, and respect for associates, customers, and business partners. Each associate is fully committed to serving customers and fellow associates through outstanding performance and accomplishing what we say we will do.

Our Mission:

To be an enduring company by making available superior GPS based products and services for corporate and personal use that are an essential part of our customers’ lives.

Our Vision:

Our ultimate aim is to simplify the GPS tracking part of our customers’ lives as a soothing experience. And we are ready to accumulate, adapt and alter the forthcomings of technology to unravel it by all means and make this world a simpler place for mankind.


We are in action 24/7, covering the urban, suburban and rural areas of India. Dynamic and efficient mobile application and web platform makes the users lives easy.

Vamosys is one of the largest distributor of GPS tracking devices network in India, and also one of the biggest online retailer of devices in the country. For further details, please get in touch with us at sales@vamosys.com or call (044) 486 351 15, (+91) 9841115880.