Derive maximum efficiency, increase your fleet size.

A new gen 360o fleet management system to support your growth in fleet business.

FleetOS - The art of Fleet Management.

What you can achieve with FleetOS?

  • Seamless trip planning and executions.
  • Solution for driver Shortages.
  • Operate your fleet without making a call.
  • Live monitoring of fuel level & temperature.
  • Location Tracking with or without GPS.
  • ePODs, eBILLs and documents mgmt.
  • Expenses mgmt at Trip, Truck and Driver level.
  • Integrations with 3PL & manufacturers.

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Derive Efficiency

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Derive maximum efficiency from your fleet.


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Increase your fleet size along with efficiency.

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VAMOSYS - language agnostics Universal Driver app

To bring the driver into digitalization in the logistics and transportation sector.


  1. Enable driver to provide accurate inputs on trip expenses and accurate status
  2. Automated Performance-based driver incentives.
  3. Digitalize every interaction between Driver and Fleet Managers.
  4. Provide instant feedbacks and increase the quality of driving.

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Industries Covered by FleetOS

Oil, Gas and Mining

Tankers supplying Oil and gas. Mining industries vehicles with 24/7 operations.

Hotels & Resorts

For hotel & resorts cars/vans fleet .

Logistics & Cold Chain

Fleet Owners, Truck operators, 3PL, ECommerce, Cold chain operators and manufacturers.

School and Colleges

Fleet of school buses, colleges buses and staff/employee transportation company buses.

Construction & Agri

General Construction sector, highway contract companies and agriculture machineries owners.

Hospitals & Pharma

Ambulance services, Emergency service providers, 108 ambulance services and Reefer trucks.


Our world class telematics solution offers vehicle tracking, driver behaviour and OBDII analytics using advanced GPS vehicle trackers from popular manufactures like Teltonika, Concox, Pointer, Cantrack etc.  Telematics is key ingredient in Fleet Management. We invite businessmen across world with strong local networks to resell our telematics solution.


VAMOSYS Telematics

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Supports all popular GPS devices, accurate & detailed reports and notifications.


Fuel Monitoring

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Precise fuel monitoring using Russian made capacitive fuel level sensors.



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ARAI certified Made In India reliable AIS140 GPS device with optional interafces.

FleetOS Case Study - Sure EcoMotion Group

Sure EcoMotion owns 100++ trucks. This case studies explains how FleetOS modernized  fleet operations and increased the overall efficiency of the fleet.

GPSVTS Case Study - FleetTrack

FleetTrack Telematics, TamilNadu, India  our successful partner in Telematics business. The case study explains the growth from 0 to 5000++ vehicles across GPS and Fuel solutions.

GPSVTS Case Study - Kenya Dealer

Smart Embedded System, Kenya – our successful partner in Telematics business. The case study explains the growth from 0 to 5000++ vehicles across GPS and Fuel solutions.

Our Satisfied Fleet Owners

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Selva, CEO VJ Logistics – TamilNadu

We able to open up our new operation in a new route within a day and we able to meet customer SLAs without failures. Also there are no fuel thefts. Thanks VAMOSYS.

Client Logo
Ram , CEO Sure Logistics – Gurgaon

VAMOSYS has done wonders to our operations. Truck Idling time reduced by 50% and we able expand to in new routes where we don’t have strength.

Client Logo
Mr. Subramnian Cost Control Consultant - VOLTECH

We were looking for a fuel management solution for our organization, we came to know VAMOSYS through online search. We installed the Fuel Sensor to our vehicles and the application alerted one Fuel theft alert us. Currently, we are using efficiently VAMOSYS solution for efficient fuel cost management

Changing world increasing disorderliness demands new solutions. Try FleetOS.

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