Globally 10,000+ Truck Owners Increased profits by 30%

With VAMOSYS Cost-Cutting Solutions
  • GPS Fuel Solution
  • RFID - Tyre Management
  • Fleet Management Software
  • Dashcam - Video Telematics
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GPS Fuel Monitoring system

Facing Diesel Theft / Mileage Issue? Install VAMOSYS FUEL SENSOR & Get Instant Alerts!

Stop Fuel Theft
Fuel theft alert
RFID tyre management
Tyre Management

Save Rs 20,000 Every Vehicle, Every 6 Months

Monitor tyre health
Dash cam

24/7 Live Streaming & Cost-Effective Dash Cam

360 HD Recording
FleetOS & Driver App

Reach 100% Digitization & Increase Your Profit by 30%.

Digitize your fleets Now


Check out how our clients are using the VAMOSYS services to run their businesses successfully .

Client Photo
Ram , CEO Sure Logistics – Gurgaon

VAMOSYS has done wonders to our operations. Truck Idling time reduced by 50% and we able expand to in new routes where we don’t have strength.

Client Photo
Selva, CEO VJ Logistics – TamilNadu

We able to open up our new operation in a new route within a day and we able to meet customer SLAs without failures. Also there are no fuel thefts. Thanks VAMOSYS.


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