In what way does the Fleet management system assist the Fleet owners?

We all know that the transportation business and economic growth of a country are interlinked. It plays a significant role in facilitating the movement of goods and is involved in performing commercial activities across the cities. 

For those who need fast marketing for their products, transport is the cost-effective way to deliver their products door to door and approach new clients in different regions wherever they visit to develop their business. 

Transporting is the best-opted solution to distribute goods and services in domestic and international markets. It requires less capital, best for rural areas, gives flexible service, and is suitable for long & short trips. 

Before introducing technological innovations, most truck businesses had mediocre performances in achieving their aims & objectives. They lagged to give their effectiveness with manual work and dropped to find their missing piece in achieving their business targets. 

Where did they miss to pay attention? 

Without any involvement of internet service into the vehicles, fleet owners had to rely on driver or client’s words regarding the arrival and delivery of goods. Even if there was a breakdown, they had to make too many calls for maintenance service. 

Obviously, it delays the process to deliver their consignment on time through a manual process. To resolve this, the introduction of the Fleet management system comes into play, where it acts as the game changer for the truck business. 

If you’re a fleet owner, you must know the whereabouts of your vehicles, fuel usage, monitor driver activities, calculating idling time, regular maintenance updates, trip planning, and much more. 

What if I say that the aforementioned problems can be sorted out in one system.

Yes! All your major problems will be solved, and you will get control of all your fleet vehicles by easily using Fleet management software with high efficiency. 

Those who have the reluctance to adopt this system. It’s okay to continue your fleet service without a fleet management system. But before deciding, just think once or twice before missing the benefits of utilizing FMS. 

With the advancement of technology, your competitors will embrace Fleet management software’s features and reap the benefits out of it to uplift their business to the next level. 

So, it becomes a big question mark of where will you stand out in the fleet market?

For example, Nowadays, If a company doesn’t have an online presence with their updates and upgrades, they will most likely suffer loss. In the same way, the Fleet management system plays a vital role in the truck business and other transportation business.

What is all about the Fleet Management System, and Why is it required?

The primary goal for all fleet business entrepreneurs and enterprisers is to reduce maintenance-related expenses due to the ever-increasing cost of vehicle & fuel price. You are all under terms of using your fleet with minimum expenditure, more functionality, and keeping your fleet vehicles on the road without any obstacles.

About 90-95% of fleet managers need FMS to make smart decisions to increase their production process and elongate their vehicle usage without frequent service Maintenance. So, if you are thinking of getting a fleet management system for your fleet. We are here to help you.

Introducing Vamosys FleetOS with the DRS driver App is a solution to curb all your fleet problems. The FleetOS is available in the google play store, apple store, and web-based applications to operate. 

FleeOS serves as an administrative app to monitor the activities and provide work-related instructions to the employees that happen during the fleet operations and records the fleet data to store in digitized version so that it helps to analyze if any shortcomings occur in the fleet with the help of telematics solution. 

Along with FMS, drivers will be provided with Vamosys DRS Driver App and will be assigned to operate fleet vehicles. The idea behind the DRS app is to solve driver shortages.

The FleetOS and DRS app will act as a communication link between the fleet manager and the driver related to trip planning, fuel refueling, consignment loading, unloading, and updates on toll charges in the app by calling the driver for every task.

What are the advantages of opting for FleetOS?

Every organization’s financial goal is to spend less, earn more and keep the operational standards high. 

FleetOS comes with a unique set of industry modules that sets a standard among the fleet management solutions and gives total transparency with raising alerts to optimize your fleet operations to keep you ahead of your competitors.

6 Best benefits of using FleetOS

1. Keeping an Eye on Vehicle routes

Knowing the whereabouts of your vehicle location is the best feature to lessen your worries. FleetOS comes with two possible solutions for tracking. 

You can track your driver‘s mobile number with the consent of your driver to find your vehicle’s location without any unique hardware or GPS devices to enable the tracking as per the telecom guidelines. Vamosys figured it out as a cost-effective way compared to costly tracking. 

The vehicle can be tracked with GPS installed devices in the vehicle. The device gets the vehicle’s live location through GPS satellite which will be in the form of raw data, and by acquiring the data, you can view the real-time live updates from the web application or mobile apps.

2. Achieve efficiency in fuel consumption

With the alarming rise in fuel price, all the fleet owners look for various alternates to see the activities related to fuel usage. The most utmost fuel wastage happens in Vehicle idling and Fuel theft. 

Vamosys offers a fuel monitoring solution that is combined with GPS fuel tracking system and telematics solutions, where it provides advanced fuel sensors to see the fuel usage, fuel refiling, Fuel theft, and average fuel consumption for every distance covered by the vehicle with accuracy. 

Our fuel solution is used for fleet trucks, heavy-duty vehicles, refrigerated trucks, and solutions to different industry sectors like Oil & petroleum, Waste management, Mining, HVAC (Heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and cold chain) industry, and much more. With our solution, you can reduce up to 30% of your fuel expense.

3. Transport Temperature Monitoring

Our Temperature monitoring system gives end-to-end solutions for real-time visibility of temperature for any shipments to give the best quality control and incident management.

The solution helps to prevent spoilage of foods like fresh vegetables, meats, milk products by maintaining the ideal temperature for freezers and food storage coolers is important. 

With the use of temperature sensors, you can view the real-time updates from the dashboards, and you can set alerts when the temperature is not maintained in the range.

4. Driver Monitoring and lesser road accidents

Our FMS gives you detailed insights into driver behavior. Drivers, when they tend to be more on roads for an extended period, then there is a possibility of accidents. You are supposed to face lawsuits, loss of business, penalties, compensation, and face expenses for the damaged vehicle. 

To avoid the chaos mentioned above, the FMS provides periodic updates of the driver during the fleet hours like stoppage points, Vehicle Idling for a prolonged time, harsh driving or late braking, distracted driving, and aggressive maneuvers.

5. Increased Revenue

For any business, the top goal is to get a good Return on Investment. Fleet management system provides an exclusive of inclusive features in one platform. You can access all your fleet operations on a desktop or through a mobile. 

Choosing good FMS software is like adding an upper hand to manage all your fleet vehicles and related operations with ease to achieve your profit targets without any hindrance.

6. Improving overall business operations

Instead of reviewing the fleet operations problems individually, FMS gives you all in one solution to view all your concerns in one dashboard, but the benefits extend beyond the solutions mentioned above like,

  • Route planning- Loading and Unloading details.
  • Vehicle checklist – safety belts, brakes, engine, steering wheel, grease packing, headlight reports.
  • Vehicle status – Mileage report and trip status
  • Expense Management
  • Emergency alerts
  • Maintenance updates

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