SIM Based Tracking Solution

How SIM Based Tracking Works?

SIM tracking location solution helps monitor the trucks based on the driver’s cellular network’s location coordinates. For this application, the drivers have to provide their consent to track the vehicles. This SIM tracking online solution is ideal for the market/hired vehicles and trucks.

The Sim Card Tracking Application is designed to track the real-time location of a vehicle for better fleet operations without conventional GPS tracker devices. This SIM based solution is cost-effective, pay for use – Pay for the days or when services are enabled, no need for term payment as usually done on GPS vehicle tracking solutions.

Features of SIM Based Tracking

Benefits of Using SIM Based Tracking Solution

Your work made easier. No more GPS tracker installations. SIM tracking saves your Fuel and Increase Efficiency.
No monthly payments
The charges are prepaid and pay when the services are used. No more monthly payments.
Logistics Needs fulfilled
All your basic tracking need in the logistics industry is fulfiled with SIM tracking solutions.
Real-Time Tracking
Track the vehicle and consignment real-time using our SIM based solution
SIM based tracking solutino
Sim Based Tracking Solution On Our FleetOS App

Salient Features of SIM Based Tracking Solution

SIM Tracking Application
This tracking application support on all phones even works efficiently in basic mobile phone models. Tracking is done without installing the GPS devices.
Pay-Per-Usage Policy
Fleet operators and consignment owners can decide the number of days needs to be tracked for vehicle trip. Pay only for the service days used—no monthly commitments.
All SIM Cards Supported
This SIM tracking application supports all SIM card operators. In India JIO, Airtel, Vodafone-Idea (VI) telecom companies SIM cards are supported on our application.
Access All Reports
Get all reports on our FleetOS web and mobile application. All the reports are easily accessible with FleetOS software.

Our Happy Dealers

“We have had a positive experience with Vamosys. Team Vamosys has helped us in setting up GPS business in Coimbatore region. They have provided a great service and guidance throughout the process and supported us in all possible ways to grow our business under their franchise model. We thank Vamosys for providing us to be their business franchise.”

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Gautam & Karthick Business Partners of Fleettrack

“I am really glad that I chose Vamosys dealership to do my GPS business. Vamosys made the process of starting the GPS business simple for me in Delhi and made their channel partner. I would recommend Vamosys to anyone who needs a start GPS business in their region.”

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Hemanth, Managing Director Ejecta Company - Delhi

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Our Happy Customers



Any goods supplier, who wants to track their goods vehicle without the usage of GPS devices can utilise the SIM based tracking solution - cost effective and reliable vehicle tracking solution.

It can be used for any vehicle tracking needs without GPS trackers. The Sim Card Tracking Application can be used for goods suppliers and hoc transport vehicles that are either hired vehicles or market place vehicles.

SIM based tracking technology works with the aid of a Driver mobile phone (any phone - basic or smartphone doesn't matter). To track the vehicle, we are tracking the vehicle drivers mobile signals. 

  1. 1. The driver needs to accept the tracking message from the telecom provider. 

  2. 2. From the SIM based tracking application, the goods supplier can set the tracking data for every 1 hour / 2 hour as per requirement

  3. 3. The tracking data will be stored on the application and goods supplier can track the vehicle

  4. 4. The goods supplier need to purchase SIM consent prepaid credits

Our SIM based tracking system supports all the telecom operators in India - Airtel, Jio, Vodafone-Idea, BSNL.

The cost of SIM based tracking is fixed based on different slabs for SIM consent credits. Interested can check the price details here

The purchased SIM credit from VAMOSYS SIM based tracking is valid for 1 year.


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