Temperature Monitoring System

Minimise the losses to maximise your profits

Temperature Monitoring System

Why you need a Temperature Monitoring System for Trucks and Trailers?

Increase Efficiency

Advanced transport temperature solutions reduce the losses occur on traveling with consistent monitoring of temperature to increase efficiency

Maintain Product Quality

Quality of the product will be monitored through the entire journey with our temperature monitoring system to retain the freshness of the product.

Regulatory compliance

With the implementation of the temperature monitoring system your fleet will be in compliance with the government regulations and standards.

About our Temperature Monitoring System Sensor

Ease the cold-chain management of your business with VAMOSYS TEMPERATURE SENSOR and prevent spoilage.

  • Accurate Readings
  • Real-Time Reports
  • Prolonged lifespan
  • Consistent Tracking
  • Effective and Efficient Temperature Management
  • Dimensions – 224mm x 120mm x 60mm + 40mm
  • Type – 5 kOhm NTC-resistors
  • Conditioner – Wheatstone-bridge with +15 Bits ADC
  • Levels – 0 to 50 Volts
  • Power – +12 Volt 3,5 mAmp (+5,5 …. +20 Volt) -5 Volt 1 Amp (-4,5 ….-8 Volt)
  • Calibration – at  0°C and 100°C _ 0,1°C
  • Drift – 1 m°C/°C with periodic calibration and 5 m°C/°C without calibration

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Salient Features of our Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring System

Real Time Monitoring

Monitor your storage temperature in Real Time with our advanced cold chain temperature sensor

Dynamic Interface

Powerful temperature solutions software platform with dynamic interface to monitor transport temperature

Instant notifications

Get Instant notifications on temperature alterations on your email / SMS / mobile application

Customised dashboard

Get customised dashboard as per your requirements for monitoring your cold chain transportation temperature.

How our Reefer Temperature Tracking Works?

Temperatureof the refrigerant on each vehicle can be viewn in a single dashboard ,you can view the parked time,distance covered and live temperature directly from the sensor,even the live location can be seen from the dasshboard ,you can even set instant notifications when the temperature is below the threshold

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Temperature analytics gives us exact temperature at a given intreval time, the temperatures are fed from the sensor and a aggreator device send the data at a intravel time even the loactions are tracked for eg. at which place there waqs sudden temperature drop.

Temperature report
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About Our Transport Temperature Solutions

Our transport temperature monitoring solutions make the life of cold chain managers simple, by providing real-time visibility of temperature sensitive shipments and gives them an end-to-end system for quality control and incident management.

Products and goods will often travel thousands of miles via land, sea, and air en route to the end destination, putting enormous pressure on trucking companies, cold storage transporters, and food distributors to log, maintain, and report temperature, humidity, and other relevant environmental conditions throughout the duration of the journey. 

Ensuring ideal temperatures in freezers and other food storage coolers helps in preventing food spoilage and keeping the food fresh. From freezers in motion to idle freezers, our temperature monitoring solution helps you maintain proper temperatures and alerts you in real-time if temperature variation occurs at their optimal range.

Our temperature Monitoring solutions analyse thousands of datas at the product and pallet level. Once the data is collected, aggregation and predictive analytic models can produce insights to improve quality control and to maintain compliance.

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Can I monitor temperature in real-time?

Yes, you can monitor the temperature in Realtime by using our web application or through the mobile application.

How to integrate the temperature monitoring solutions with my applications

You can integrate our API with your application by which the data from the temperature sensor will pass through our server and the data are then called by your application through our API.

Do I receive real-time temperature alerts?

To avoid any false alerts, the data received are checked for any deviations from the sensor for example if the temperature is slightly below the threshold limit in this case which had occurred suddenly and again normalized the sensor will immediately send the notification and cause panic to avoid such situations the data are checked and then the notifications are sent

What are the benefits of temperature monitoring solutions?

Notifications when the temperature drops, compliance with food safety standards, remote monitoring of the goods, increase in productivity because of the statistical temperature

How do I install temperature monitoring devices
Temperature monitoring sensors are attached inside of the refrigerator of the truck, the sensor is then attached to the GPS tracker through which the data are transferred.
What kind of alerts can I set?

You can set temperature alerts, temperature deviation alerts.


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