- Increases your fleet size.

With FleetOS you can do

FleetOS is now ready to use for Fleet managers

Salient Features of FleetOS

Trip plans & Executions

End to End trip planning and executions. ETA, delay alerts, route optimizations and deviations.

Driver Shortage

VAMOSYS Driver App helps you to manage driver profiles, history, feedbacks ,incentives, salary and retention.


Toll (Fast-tag), 3PL, Manufacturers and GPS-VTS providers,

Control Expenses

From payment advances to reimbursements. Track and Control every expenses.

Location & Position

Live location tracking with & without GPS devices. Along with exact loading & unloading positions.

ePODs, eBILLs etc

Digitized documents, Approval flows,

Interested in Fleet Operation Digitalization?

Let’s start with Drivers. Use VAMOSYS DRS App – Universal Driver app

FleetOS Plans


Experience it. Just Try

  • Excel sheet Migration
  • FastTag Management
  • Trips management
  • Expenses Management
  • Driver Management
  • ePOD, eBILLS etc
  • Service Reminders
  • Standard VTS Integration
  • 3PL View (addon)
  • Tracking without GPS (addon)


Derive Efficiency

$ 5 Monthly Plan
  • Benefits of Friends+
  • Premium Customer Support
  • Trip P&L
  • Driver Incentive customizations
  • Checklist customizations
  • 3rd party integrations
  • Custom VTS Integration
  • Work flows
  • 3PL View
  • Tracking Without GPS (addon)


Focus Growth

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  • Benefits of LiveIn+
  • Driver Relay Service
  • Routes optimizations
  • Marketplace integration
  • Custom domain
  • Driver Ratings
  • Routing & Dispatch Integration
  • Driver Coaching
  • Driver Safety reporting
  • ADAS

FMS vs FleetOS

Fleet Management Systems Fleet Operating System (FleetOS)
Manage the problem
Most FMS softwares doesn't try to solve problems in Fleet management instead they help to manage the problem.
Solve the problem
FleetOS provides holistic ecosystem to operate the fleet in most efficient and systematic manner by solving every issues in the business.
XL sheet planning
Majority of the Fleet handlers use age old excel sheet for trip planning which has inherent shortcomings.
Complete Online Planning
FleetOS provides robust mechanism to plan the trip and execute it as per plan via mobile and web interfaces in collaborations with drivers.
Driver Management
The most critical and weakest link in the fleet business. No sincere attempts were taken to solve this problem.
Comprehensive Driver Management
FleetOS provides comprehensive solution to improve and handle the driver workforce in most efficient manner.
Expenses management
Next to drivers, expenses were the most difficult problem in fleet business. No comprehensive solution exist.
Trip P&L
With FleetOS, every expenses can be tracked in automated way. Fleet owners can create P&L for every trip.

Fleet Management - Infinite issues, Indefinite commitments. Try FleetOS.

FleetOS Web Application Preview

Manage the vehicle document of all the vehicles using the FleetOS application. Vehicle Permit, Vehicle Insurance document, registration document, pollution certificate documents on a single platform.

Document Uploads
Document Upload FleetOS
Trip Plan FleetOS

In the FleetOS application trip planning for loading and unloading are simplified with the integration of Vamosys driver application.

Trip Planning

Get the detailed information on the vehicle checklist report at the time of inspection. Safety belts, brakes, engine, steering wheel, grease packing, headlight reports.

Vehicle Checklist
check list application
Vehicle tracking FleetOS

Get the consolidated vehicle status report on the FleetOS web application. On this report, get information related to the vehicle movement, fuel report, mileage data, vehicle checklist details, trip status on the Vehicle status dashboard.

Vehicle Status

Make Driver share accurate data via VAMOSYS DRS App

Get all the records and data from Drivers using our Language agnostic driver app

How FleetOS - Fleet Management Software Solve Challenges in Logistics Sector

How will FleetOS Increase Your Fleet Size?

 Fleet business has too many challenges.  A most important challenge is Driver Shortage and quality of work force.  Almost every fleet owner or operators spends 70-80% of his time & energy in managing the drivers. And most fleet operators are using Excel sheets to plan the trips and manage the data. 

How FleetOS changes Fleet Management ?

“Operate the fleet without making a call” – This is one among key objectives of FleetOS.  At present a logistics managers is on mobile phone 24×7.  A small communication gap between logistics manager and drivers will wipe out profit earned on that trip.  And this will be detected only after damage is done. FleetOS “Trip plan” feature and VAMOSYS Driver app with innovative “action oriented communication” solves this key issue. 

“Manage expenses at Trip, Driver, Truck and Fleet level” – Another very important feature which gives from reductionist to holistics view of entire expenses in the fleet business.  Every digital expenses (toll, fuel etc) are automatically captured and other expenses are manually recorded.  Nothing will escape from your eyes and that too with minimal effort. 

“A well mannered, educated to the needs and honest ” – this is what a fleet owner’s simple  expectation on a  driver. But the driver’s job is not that simple. It is one among most difficult job in the world. Today no driver would recommend this job to his family members. Getting a bride for truck driver is very difficult. We cannot solve every problems of a driver. But using technology we can improve the quality of overall workforce. Thats whats VAMOSYS Driver app trying to achieve.  This will bring better side of the driver. Also this app will change the way a driver hired , managed and fired. 

FleetOS addresses every missing links in the fleet management and we will continue to improve the application as per customer and market needs with the only GOAL of customer should focus more business growth, less on operations.

Our Happy Customers

our clients


Whether you are handling 1 truck or 1000+ trucks, the FleetOS application is applicable to all fleet handlers, cater to their needs.

The moment you purchased a truck or into logistics business, FleetOS application will be required to manage your fleet hassle-free.

As such FleetOS doesn’t use GPS devices for tracking purposes, for accurate tracking GPS devices can be integrated to monitor vehicle live, ETA and fuel monitoring.

We have developed an innovative “action-oriented communication” to establish the communication with driver using our driver. application

The basic information required in the centralised driver management system is the license details.

We have developed our own fleet card that can be integrated with FleetOS and you can migrate yourself from existing fleet card to ours.

Yes, we have secured star rated servers and follow the industry standard in maintaining the records.