5 Major Features of a Fleet Management Software

Companies that handle fleets will know the importance of fleet management software.  Adapting fleet management software is a beneficial thing in a company.  

Fleet management software is essentially used in logistics, supply chain and other transportation sectors to simplify the complex fleet management issues.

In this article, we will discuss on as a fleet manager what you can expect from the fleet management software and what are the 5 major features of the fleet management application.

What does an Organization Should Expect from a Fleet Management Software?

A better fleet management software fulfils all-purpose of managing a fleet i.e, a better fleet management software provides you complete service. 

An organization should expect software to bring a profit without affecting productivity. This is how a fleet management software works, it increases productivity by lowering the cost.

Let’s see some of the features which makes fleet management software a successful one

Features of a Fleet Management Software

A company expects best in all even from selecting a person to selecting a software. What features will make the best fleet management software software?

There are a set of some common features in a fleet management software, which can turn a simple fleet into million-dollar business.

1. Fuel Management System

Managing fuel consumption is a major challenge to a fleet manager. How does a fleet management software deal with fuel management systems?

Fleet management software designed to maintain, control and monitor the fuel consumption. Fuel management is the main sector where a fleet manager can control the cost in a huge amount. 

Fuel management was done by several methods like card-based, route based manual calculations, etc,. But we can say, sensor-based fuel management systems are a successful way to manage or monitor your fuel.  

How does a Sensor based Fuel Management System Work?

A fuel sensor will be attached to fuel tank (Diesel / Petrol tank) and the fuel is being monitored continuously. The usage or refillment or any other leakage problems are taken into account and the sensor transmitted the data to the fleet management application server with the help of satellites. 

Though sensor based fuel tracking systems are the successful one, we do follow the successful method. FleetOS is one of the well known fleet management software. FleetOS has many features, one of the best features is the fuel management system.

The Italon sensor, a Russian product, markets best sensor to be installed to the vehicle, data from the vehicle is captured and transmitted to the FleetOS software where a fleet manager can stay in their own place and monitor the vehicle.

2. Real time tracking

Real time tracking is used in many industries which use transportation, mainly used in logistics. Logistics are based on transporting goods from the point of origin to the point of consumption. 

Monitoring the movement of the fleet is a widely used technique to save time, money and increase productivity.

Real time tracking was done with GPS and without GPS. GPS tracker systems follow some architecture. It needs a GPS tracking unit, GPS tracker server and user interface.

Where FleetOS is a user interface, GPS tracking unit collects data from the vehicle and stores it in a GPS tracking server and fleet management software FleetOS retrieves the data from the server and makes it accessible. 

( explain about tracking without GPS unit)

3. Route Optimization

Route optimization is a technique where it can control the consumption of fuel, time and money. 

Route optimization is a way to run a fleet management company in a profitable way. Route optimization follows a particular algorithm and gives you the best result.

FleetOS software gives you a better result on route optimization, if any changes occur with the vehicle on the road route immediately an alert will be raised in the interface application.

How much importance will we show to the fuel management system? ask yourself. The same importance should be shown to route optimization. By this method you can increase productivity by lowering cost in many ways of a fleet management organization.

4. Vehicle and Driver management

Vehicle and driver management is an important section in a fleet management Organization. Without a vehicle there is no fleet, or without a driver there is no transportation process.So, managing both should be your priority.

Maintaining vehicle procurement like vehicle fitness certificate, Insurance, etc, and managing a timely schedule maintenance of a vehicle. A fleet manager can not handle aor maintain or remember maintenance schedules of a fleet. So, fleet management software provides you a helping hand to maintain, manage and remember every need of a vehicle.

When coming to driver managing driver safety issues, accidental management, speed control, procurement management, managing driver’s driving style, etc, is monitored through fleet management software.

A best fleet management software like FleetOS will provide all complete facilities you need for a fleet management organization.

5. Customer Support

Customer support is a range of services done to a customer to guide and help them how to use a product and make cost effective. 

How much importance would you show to develop a product? Yes, the same importance should be given to customer support. Developing and customer support are interlinked chains in selling a product.

Whether it can be a large industry or a huge brand but at the end everything comes to customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is an image of the brand. How to get a good result in customer satisfaction? Provide good quality products and better customer support.

Customer support is the section where you can grab a customer’s heart and expand your organization.

If you want to be best in all, you need to provide best in all. Obviously, FleetOS provides you with good customer support. 

We need to be best in all and we are best in all!

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