RTO Forms for Driving License and Vehicle Registration

RTO offices in India manage the vehicle details and driver information, also they are the authorized government body to issue the vehicle driving license to drive the vehicle on Indian roads. The major functions of the Regional Transport Offices (RTO) include-

  • Vehicle Driving License issuing
  • Vehicle Excise Duty Collection
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Emission Test Certificate and vehicle insurance examination


The RTO office issues various RTO forms that help the applicants to submit the details to the authorities to process their respective applications. The RTO forms are broadly categorized into two types one is Driving License Forms and the other is Vehicle Registration RTO Forms.

List of Driving License form / RTO form for License

Driving Licence Form No Form Link
Application-cum-declaration as to physical fitness
Form 1
Medical Certificate
Form 1A
Application for the Grant of Learner's License
Form 2
Application for License to Drive
Form 4
Application for the addition of new class of vehicles to a Driving License
Form 8
Application for the Renewal of Driving License
Form 9

RTO Form 1

The RTO Form 1 need to be filled and submitted to the RTO authority to check whether the applicant is suffering from any physical disability or disease that may affect the driving skills.

RTO Form 1A

This form is for applicant medical fitness check, which includes complete examination conducted by the medical expert to ensure the physical fitness of the applicant. This form needs to be submitted along with RTO form 1.

RTO Form 2

Application form to get the learner license for driving the motor vehicle before getting the permanent driving license.

RTO Form 4

Application form to get the driving license for two-wheeler, four-wheeler or heavy vehicle in the state of residence.

RTO Form 8

Application form to be filled by the applicant, if he/she requires to add a new type of vehicle to his driving license.

List of Forms for Vehicle Registration

Driving Licence Form No Form Link
Application For Registration of a Motor Vehicle
Form 20
Intimation of loss or destruction etc. of the certificate of registration and application, For the issue of Duplicate Certificate Of Registration
Form 26
Application for Assignment of New Registration Mark
Form 27
Application for No Objection Certificate and Grant of Certificate
Form 28
Notice of Transfer of Ownership of A Motor Vehicle
Form 29
Report of Transfer of Ownership of a Motor Vehicle
Form 30
Application for the Transfer of Ownership in the Name of the Person Succeeding to the Possession of the Vehicle
Form 31
Intimation of change of address to be recorded in the Certificate of Registration
Form 33
Application for Making an Entry of an Agreement of Hire-Purchase/Lease/Hypothecation Subsequent to Registration
Form 34
Notice of Termination of an Agreement of Hire Purchase /Lease /Hypothecation
Form 35
Application for issue of a fresh Certificate of Registration in The name of the Financier
Form 36

RTO Form 20

Form 20 of RTO is the application form for the motor vehicle registration. The application form needs to be submitted at the time of vehicle registration. The applicant has to submit the form with the below-mentioned documents and details

RTO Form 26

RTO Form 26 is to get the duplicate vehicle registration certificate, in case, the owner lost the vehicle certificate.

RTO Form 27

RTO Form 27 is for those who move the residence from one state to another, in that case, they to register the vehicle in the newly moved state RTO offices. Along with this Form 27 the vehicle owner need to produce the NOC certificate issued from the current RTO office, original RC book, and vehicle fitness certificate.

RTO Form 28

The RTO form 28 is to get the No Objection Certificate from the RTO offices. The NOC certificate will be required for different cases. (For more information visit NOC Certificate article).

RTO Form 29

RTO form 29 is for transfer of vehicle ownership, this form needs to be submitted to the RTO office when the vehicle owner wants to transfer the ownership of the vehicle to another person.

RTO Form 30

If the vehicle owner wants to transfer the ownership, the owner needs to submit this form along with RTO form 29. This form is called a Report of Transfer of ownership of a vehicle.

RTO Form 31

One is required to submit a filled copy of this form if he or she wants to put a claim on the vehicle of a deceased person. For this, the applicant who wants to get ownership of the vehicle requires to provide his details along with those of the deceased.

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