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We are witnessing rising pollution levels all over the world. The reasons for pollution levels are industrial pollution, agricultural pollution, and vehicle pollution along with domestic pollution. To reduce vehicle pollution all over the world, various standards have been followed to reduce to the vehicle pollution. In India, we are following Euro norms and pollution control on various BS norms.

In order to reduce the pollution level from vehicles government of India has mandated to get the vehicle pollution certificate i.e. PUC certificate to authorize the vehicle is fit and it will not emit pollution. According to each vehicle, the pollution norms vary and the vehicle owner needs to get the vehicle fitness certificate to meet the norms.

Know more about how to get and check pollution certificates for bikes, pollution certificates for cars and heavy vehicles such as trucks, containers etc.

What is a Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate?

A PUC certificate, which popularly known as a vehicle pollution certificate or Pollution test certificate, it the official certified document issued by the government for each vehicle. This certificate is awarded after testing the vehicle pollution levels and norms prescribed by the government to meet the emission standards.

According to the guidelines issued by the government of India, the Ministry of Transport under the Motor vehicle Act, 1989, it is mandatory to have a valid pollution certificate for a vehicle and it should be carried all the time to produce before the transport officials on the road if there is any requirement and mandate. If the driver doesn’t produce the pollution certificate to traffic police on demand, the driver and owner may get heavy penalties.

A Vehicle pollution (PUC) certificate contain the following details:

For all the vehicles on the road, the vehicle pollution certificate is compulsory from bike, car, heavy vehicle it is mandatory to have PUC certificate.

Check Vehicle Pollution Certificate online

How to apply for a PUC Certificate / Pollution Certificate for your vehicle?

For the newly purchased vehicle, the pollution certificate will be provided by the vehicle dealer itself at the time of purchase. The vehicle owner needs to renew the pollution certificate after the expiry of the given certificate. To get the pollution certificates the vehicle owner need to follow the below-mentioned procedure:

Step 1

Find a vehicle pollution certification issuing center near you. Most of the vehicle issuing places are gas stations, emission testing region or private emission testing centres.

Step 2

The vehicle exhausting pipe and pollution level of the vehicle will be tested at emission centers by the vehicle pollution inpector.

Step 3

Vehicle owners need to pay the fee for the certificate and the emission testing center will provide the vehicle pollution certificate based on emission levels.

RTOs offices (Regional Transport Office) can provide a vehicle pollution certificate online. However, the vehicle owner can the check vehicle pollution certificate online, know the validity of the PUC certificate, and make payment online using pariwahan sewa portal.

How to check the status of vehicle pollution certificate online?

The vehicle owner can check the pollution under control (PUC certificate) online itself and get all the vital information related to the vehicle pollution certificate by following the below-mentioned steps:

If the vehicle owner would like to check the application status of the vehicle pollution certificate then check the application status online by following steps:

By following the above-mentioned steps the vehicle owner can check the vehicle pollution certificate application status.

Check Vehicle Pollution Certificate online

What is the Vehicle Pollution Certificate Validity?

The vehicle pollution certificate validation varies according to the vehicle condition and other parameters. It is mandatory for all the vehicle owner to get the vehicle pollution certificate as mandated by government of India to follow the emission control norms prescribed by pollution control.

For the new vehicle the pollution certificate will be taken care by the vehicle dealer and its validity is for one year. It is subjec to renewal and the vehicle owner needs to renew the vehicle pollution certificate once the cetificate attains expiry date.

For old vehicle, depending upon the age of the vehicle the pollution certificate duration varies. For old vehicles government of India provide only 6 months validity pollution certificate. The vehicle owner needs to renew the certificate once in 6 months for old vehicles.

PUC Certificate Charges for different vehicles

The pollution under control (PUC certificate) fee varies as per the fuel type of vehicle, type of vehicle and emission standard of the vehicle as per BS norms. Also the fee varies to vehicle type like bike, car and trucks etc. The government of India fix the pollution certificate fee in range from Rs 60 to Rs 100.

What are fines for not having a pollution certificate?

It is compulsory for the vehicle owner or driver to carry all the essential documents of the vehicle such as vehicle registration certificate, fitness certificate, insurance certificate, pollution certificate under the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988. In any case, the owner or driver failed to produce any of the documents during the vehicle inspection done by road transport officers, then the vehicle owners or driver subject to pay fine.

In case, if the vehicle owner failed to produce the pollution certificate on demand, for the first time he/she needs to pay Rs 1000 and in case of the vehicle owner has produced expired vehicle pollution certifcate, Rs 2000 will be fined.

Vehicle Pollution Control Norms

The allowed levels of carbon emissions depending upon the type of vehicle are as follows:

Vehicle Type % of Carbon Monoxide (CO) Hydrocarbon measured in PPM
2 & 3 wheelers (2/4 - stroke) manufactured on or before 31st March 2000
2 & 3 wheelers (2 - stroke) manufactured after 31st March 2000
2 & 3 wheelers (4 - stroke) manufactured after 31st March 2000
4 wheelers manufactured according to Pre BS II Norms
4 wheelers manufactured according to Pre BS II, Stage III or subsequent Norms


How to add pollution certificate in Digilocker?

To add vehicle pollution certificate in Digilocker to provide the digital way of certificate, the vehicle owner must follow the below-mentioned steps: 

Step 1: Check the Digilocker official website.

Step 2: Log in to access your account. 

Step 3: Visit the Issued Documents section on digilocker website. 

Step 4: Select Check Partners section. 

Step 5: For Partner Name field, select Ministry of Road, Transport and Highways, All States, and for Document Type, select Emission Certificate from the drop down menu. 

Step 6: Enter your vehicle number. 

What are the documents required for vehicle pollution certificate?

There is no documents required to get the vehicle pollution certificate. The vehicle owner should produce the vehicle to check the emission standards at the test centres.

How to renew my vehicle pollution certificate?

To renew vehicle pollution certificate, owner need to take his vehicle to the nearest pollution / emission test centre for emission levels checking. Based on the inspection done by test center the vehicle pollution certificate will be issued.

What are RTO approved PUC certificates?

RTO approved PUC centres are the offices where emission tests are carried out, authorised by the RTO. The users can find the list of RTO offices approved vehicle pollution checking centres for all states on the Parivahan Sewa portal.

How to verify my vehicle pollution certificates?

To check the details of vehicle pollution certificate (PUC certificate) certificate, user can check online on the Parivahan Sewa portal.