High-Security Number Plate for your Vehicle - A Complete Guide on HSRP

The government of India has prescribed the norms for vehicle registration number plates under the Central Vehicles Motor Act (CMVR), 1989. Under Rule 50 of CMVR, it is mandatory for the vehicles to have a High-Security number plates (popularly called as HSRP) fitted on the vehicle.

For all the new vehicles which are purchased post-April 2019, they will get the HSRP number plates provided by the RTO offices themselves. For vehicles that were purchased before April 2019, it is mandatory to change the normal vehicle registration plates to HSRP as directed under CVMR 1989.

All states in India have adopted the High Security Number Plates for all classes of vehicles. We have provided in detail about the HSRP, colour codes used and how to get the HSRP number plates for your vehicles.

What is High Security Number Plate (HSRP)?

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The HSRP plate is an aluminum alloy material specially designed for the stolen vehicles using the registration number embedded in the plate. The number plate has a Ashoka Chakra hologram on the left corner and it is made of chromium material. There will be additional permanent 10-digit number for identification that is etched using the laser technology on the number plate.

The High security number plate is digitally linked to the vehicles and serves as a centalised database for all the vehicles that are registered under government of India. The government has made HSRP number plates mandatory for all the vehicles.

What is HSRP Colour Code Sticker?

To identify the vehicle fuel type, the color code sticker is placed on the High Security Number plate designed by government of India. Light Blue colour stickers are used for the vehicles using Petrol and CNG fuel. Similarly, Orange colour stickers are used for vehicles running on diesel.

Along with the sticker codes usage in HSRP, there are other important vehicle information are recorded in registry such as vehicle registration number details, RTO office details, chassis number, engine number and PIN number etched using LASER.

How to Apply for High Security Number Plate (HSRP) Online?

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The vehicle owner can get the High security number plate by booking online and it depends upon the state where your vehicle is registered. The vehicle owners will the HSRP plate and get the colour code sticker. To get HSRP plate, follow the below mentioned steps:

Once you have completed the registration and made the payment, you will receive a confirmation receipt with the date, time and venue of your appointment to get the HSRP fixed to your vehicle.

What is the Price of High Security Number Plate and Colour Coded Stickers?

The prices for the High security number plate will vary depending on the states. The price range is different based on type of vehicle, for two wheeler, four wheeler and heavy vehicles. The price of HSRP plate ranges from Rs 400 to Rs 1000 according to the vehicle type. For colour code the price is fixed at Rs 100.

What are the Documents Required for HSRP Registration?
To get the High security number plate (HSRP) the vehicle owner needs to submit the official documents on the government website. Apart from that, the vehicle registration number details should be updated.

To affix the HSRP number plate, the vehicle owner should carry the below mentioned documents to the dealer.

  • Vehicle Registration Certificate (RC) copy of your vehicle
  • Payment confirmation receipt
What are the Benefits and Features of HSRP Plates and Colour Coded Stickers?
High security number plates has various advantages to both vehicle owners and goverment of India:

  • HSRP will create the centralised database for all the vehicles registered in India with vital vehicle details such as engine and chassis numbers.
  • The number plates are made with aluminium and it with comes with lock, which cannot be replaced or reused.
  • It will be helpful in scenario where vehicle theft.
  • If vehicle is used for international driving, then the HSRP is mandatory.
  • The colour code used on the HSRP will help to identify the vehicle fuel type.


Is High Security Number Plate mandatory in India?

It is mandatory to have HSRP plate on vehicle under the CMVR Act 1989 (Rule 50 of the Act).

Can I change the HSRP plate once fixed?

No, the number plate cannot be changed since it is a unique identifier for the vehicle.

Is it mandatory to get HSRP for old vehicles?

Yes, if the vehicle is purchased before the April 2019, then it is mandatory to have HSRP.

How long it will take to get HSRP?

It depends upon the region and state. Once the number plate is ready it will be fixed immediately.

Can HSRP plate can be fixed ourselves?

No, the HSRP plates are fixed by the authorities and official dealers who are authorised to fix the HSRP plate.