Impact of Reckless Driving

Road accidents notably, the accidents that take place on the highways are mostly due to the reckless driving behavior of the logistics driver.

  • Reckless driving behavior comprises the following
  • Driving on the wrong side
  • Distracted driving
  • Drunk driving
  • Not halting at Stop sign or Red lights
  • No utilization of turn signal Speeding
  • Switching between the lanes
  • Tailgating

The reckless driving behavior can be due to a few reasons like being intoxicated, being unable to focus on driving, anxiety.

Impact of reckless driving behavior

The Indian government has released the official statistics for road accidents, injuries, and fatalities for the year 2017, and the news continues to be bad. As per the latest data, in 2017,

  • A total of 4,64,910 road accidents were reported in the country, claiming 1,47,913 lives and causing injuries to 4,70,975 persons, which translates into 405 deaths and 1,290 injuries each day from 1,274 accidents.
  • This also means that 16 people are killed and another 53 are injured every hour on Indian roads. Considering that these are the officially reported accidents, there must be a fair number that goes unreported across the length and breadth of India.

Out of 4.6 lacs accidents 85% of accidents was because of man-made errors like over speeding, alcoholic influences, driver fatigue, and driving on the wrong side.

A study made in parts of the US shows that women truck drivers are being more careful compared to male truck drivers.

The study says the following variation between male and female truck drivers.

  • Male truckers have an 88% higher risk of receiving a reckless driving conviction than their female counterparts.
  • 78% higher risk of receiving a seat belt violation.
  • 73% higher risk of receiving a traffic signal conviction.
  • A 70% higher risk of receiving a speeding conviction.

The women truck drivers are most welcome in the fleet industries in recent days.

Whereas In India, there are only a handful of women drivers who are into public transportation, though there is a good volume of women who are working in the taxi and other transport services.

I believe you find this article enlightening about the impact of reckless driving behavior in the taxi and other transport services.

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