5 Haunted Highways in India that Truck Drivers should never travel at the Night



The blog discusses five haunted highways in India that truck drivers should avoid traveling at night due to reported superstitious activities. These highways are Sathyamangalam NH 209, Ranchi-Jamshedpur NH 33, Kashedi Ghat NH 66, Delhi-Jaipur NH 48, and Delhi Cantonment. 

The blog suggests using FleetOS, a vehicle tracking solution, to track and control vehicles and ensure driver safety.

Fleet drivers know-how, delivering goods to the right destination without any damage is an important and challenging task. But, Fleet drivers used to face a lot of issues in the middle of the trip. 

Haunted highways are a type of issue faced by the fleet drivers in the middle of the trip. We know superstitious is a mythical fact, but people still believe in it.

Here are 5 roads or highways in India that are infamous for being haunted. Let’s see what people say? and get a solution for these suspicious activities that occur in these locations.

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Sathyamangalam, NH 209, Tamil Nadu

National Highway 209 (NH 209) passes through Sathyamangalam wildlife sanctuary to Karnataka. After the death of the scandalously famous Veerappan with 30 years of smuggling, kidnapping, even murder cases in the Sathyamangalam forest, people found strange and superstitious activities in that area.  

Driving on the forest-covered road always gives us a spooky feeling. Still, Truck drivers, passers-by, travelers, or localities have witnessed screams, running footsteps, walking sound effects, floating fire lights, sudden pass of structured white light in between the road, and it continues to haunt the complete pathway.

Ranchi-Jamshedpur, NH 33, Jharkhand

National Highway (NH-33) runs from  Arwal to Farakka, an important highway linking Bihar and West Bengal. Accidents happen everywhere, but Ranchi-Jamshedpur NH-33 is famous for suspicious accidents, where accidents can’t be explained because they appear to be the most unusual manner. 

People say, ‘A lady in white on NH 33’ or ‘NH33 is cursed’. This highway has 2 temples, one is at the start and another at its end. Rumors are saying that travelers of NH33 want to pay respect for both the temples. If not, they are sure to meet a strange accident on the same road.

Some frequent drivers of NH33 have also reported that they are spotting an old lady in white, elevated from the ground. Also, believing that she is the cause of those terrible accidents.

Kashedi Ghat, NH 66, Mumbai-Goa Highway

NH 66 runs from Mumbai – Goa – Kochi, one of the routes from Mumbai to south India. Not only Keshedi Ghat, but the whole NH 66 highway is said to be haunted. There are many stories associated with this NH 66 highway. The local villagers, travelers, truck drivers, and even road traffic police state that national highway 66 is haunted.

People claim that NH 66 was surrounded by blood and flesh-thirsty witches, and many have been attacked in this area. If we carry non-vegetarian food, I’m sorry it is not for you; witches are waiting. Your food will be disappeared into the air. 

Also, people reported that you would see a person or a small boy coming in front of your vehicle. The same person will keep appearing in front of you, again and again, to cross the road; if you try to speed up your vehicle or ignore him, your vehicle will be thrown down the Ghats by a supernatural power

Delhi-Jaipur Highway, NH 48, Rajasthan

Delhi super express national highway NH-48. Rajasthan’s Bhangarh Fort is the reason behind Delhi-Jaipur Highway is cursed. Bhangarh Fort area is believed to have been affected by the spirits.

People have faced paranormal activities on this route, things that have no explanation. These weird things and accidents are continuing to happen on that highway.

Delhi Cantonment, Delhi

People in this area reported that the road is haunted by a hitchhiker lady in white asking for a lift. People believe that the road is haunted and really fear driving during the nighttime. if you don’t stop the vehicle for that lady, she starts chasing or running alongside at the same speed

There are many more spooky and unsolved cases in Indian Roads that both the truck and driver are missing. Technology has grown, but people still believe myths like spirits. A vehicle tracking solution will be helpful to track and control the vehicle. 

Using FleetOS, you can track your truck, driver, driver’s behavior, and valuable assets, which helps you meet your destination safely. Even FleetOS application allows the driver to indicate or alert if any emergency cases. 

Then why do you still want to believe these mythical facts?

Travel anywhere safely with FleetOS.  

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