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Benefits of GPS Vehicle Tracking

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What is Vehicle Tracking?

As the name suggests, vehicle tracking systems enable vehicles to be tracked in their most fundamental function. Other features include vehicle monitoring performance and servicing, driver performance, but also facilitates fuel management and delivery, sending alerts and notifications, avoiding thefts and giving reports and access to evaluation of these records. However, there are many more functionalities that depend on the business offering alternatives to fleet management.

Passive and Active Tracking

It is essential to distinguish vehicle tracking systems into active and passive systems. All data is collected and saved by passive tracking systems, which will be retrieved later. Active tracking systems collect and send real-time information that provides more benefits. Some scheme of monitoring can use both passive and active monitoring. If you opt for a rental agreement, professional vehicle tracker costs start at INR 14,000 per year, and INR 17,000 if you purchase the vehicle tracker straight away. In the case of poor signal, the data will be saved and sent as soon as possible. Although passive monitoring devices and systems may be an economical option for some businesses, they may be fully adequate.

Benefits of GPS Vehicle Tracking

What will result in vehicle tracking being implemented to the fleet management side of your business? What are the benefits and why should a GPS tracking system for vehicles be used? Among the advantages of using the vehicle tracking system are cost savings, insurance discounts, improved fleet and employee safety, improved time and employee management, customer service, as well as a theft prevention and administration.

  • Cost Saving

The monitoring system for vehicles can bring the benefit of better financial management. This is due to fuel consumption data and better fuel management, avoiding unwanted behavior from drivers such as speeding and better idle and maintenance time management.

  • Improved Lifecycle Management

Good management of the lifecycle is essential for effective management of the fleet. Lifecycle management can be improved with tracking systems-with data such as analytical vehicle data (motor, tires, and more), with known driver behavior and data on the idle moment, maintenance time, and services required.

  • Employee Management

GPS Vehicle tracking system, credited to the fuel management system and driver behavior surveillance, can deliver the result of better staff management. Thanks to these characteristics, the staff can be seen as performing better and worse. Besides this, all the data obtained can also be used for better driver training. Thanks to GPS vehicle tracking systems, the administration is empowered.

  • Discounts on Insurance

Rebates provided by insurance companies can further facilitate cost savings and cost reductions. These businesses tend to offer discounts in their fleet management to businesses that use GPS vehicle tracking system as it offers more data about the fleet and enhances employee and fleet safety.

  • Safety of Drivers and Trucks

It is possible to decrease road accidents thanks to GPS vehicle tracking systems, as well as prevent any traffic and parking issues, traffic jams, and road work. The theft prevention function also improves GPS fleet management.

  • Improved Administration

Administrative time saved can be used for procedures that need more focus and can, therefore, lead to a more effective workforce and eventually an efficient company.

  • Time Management

Improved management can contribute to better management of time. Time management, however, can also be enhanced through better staff management, fuel leadership, route tracking, driver behavior monitoring, as well as through records and their consequent evaluation.

  • Better Service for Customers

All the data gained from the monitoring device of vehicles can lead to better leadership of all business processes. This also involves better customer service, as the path, stops, idle time and possible arrival time can be seen.

  • Theft Prevention

Theft prevention is one of the most popular characteristics of GPS vehicle tracking systems. This function sends alerts and notifications instantly, whenever a suspicious event happens and enables this behavior to react quickly. This characteristic can also prevent excessive new vehicle acquisition expenses.

  • Vehicle Utilization

Vehicles will be used more effectively thanks to all the data obtained from vehicle tracking systems-from more effective use of fuel, better driver behaviors, better paths taken, the chance of avoiding traffic and construction, but also worker fraud prevention can result in better use of vehicles.

The use of GPS vehicle tracking system in fleet management has many benefits. However, preceding a thorough study on different technologies is required to make the most of the GPS vehicle tracking system to guarantee a cost-effective option.

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