About FleetOS SIM-Based Tracking: FAQs

1. What is SIM-based Tracking?

SIM-based Tracking is a way to track your fleet without using GPS devices. Instead, it uses only mobile numbers to track the accurate location.

2. How is SIM-based Tracking used in Fleet Management systems?

We usually know GPS devices are used to track the fleet, but we want to try it in a new way. SIM-based Tracking helps you track the fleet driver’s mobile number so that we could get the accurate location of the fleet in a trip.

3. What are the advantages of using SIM-based tracking?

  • The main advantage of SIM-based Tracking is you don’t want to use an external GPS device.
  • You can easily track the market-hired vehicles.
  • Basic mobile phones and active SIM cards are enough to track. 
  • Budget-friendly (No installation needed).
  • Pay when you use. 
  • Compatible to track all types of vehicles by their driver’s mobile phone. 
  • It works the same as the GPS device.

4. How do I buy/ get access to use SIM-based Tracking?

Step 1: Log in to the FleetOS application (How to sign up/ login)

Step 2: Go to the SIM-based Tracking   option

Step 3: Buy your SIM credits to track based on their slab, and you will be ready to use SIM-based tracking

5. How to use SIM-based Tracking?

sim tracking

Here are some overview steps to use SIM-based Tracking      

Step 1: Setup your account in FleetOS 

Step 2: Get pings to use SIM-based Tracking (pings are like mobile prepaid recharge)

Step 3: Send a request to the mobile number you want to track

Step 4: Once the driver accepted the request; ping the mobile number

Step 5: You’ll get the result.

6. Is it compulsory to have SIM credits to use SIM-based Tracking?

Yes! It is compulsory to buy SIM credits to use SIM-based Tracking.

7. Which type of mobile do I need to do SIM-based Tracking?

SIM-based tracking can use any smartphones or basic mobiles phones to track.

8. Will SIM-based Tracking work anywhere in India?

FleetOS SIM-based Tracking is for India and can be used anywhere in India.

9. Which sim operator should I use?

SIM-based Tracking works with all Indian SIM operators. 

10. Can I track my family and friends using FleetOS SIM-based Tracking?

No! You should use SIM-based Tracking only for commercial purposes. 

11. Can I track anyone without informing them?

No! SIM-based Tracking is otherwise called SIM consent tracking, i.e., before tracking, you have to get consent from the particular person.

12. What happens when all the available pings are empty?

Your SIM-based Tracking access will be temporarily stopped then you can recharge your SIM-based Tracking credits again; It works the same as the mobile prepaid recharge policy.

13. What is the price of SIM-based Tracking credits?

Login to the FleetOS application and go SIM-based Tracking tab to view the credit price.

14. What are the payment options to buy sim credits?

Buying SIM credits is completely based on digital transactions. So you have different options to buy SIM credits like Mobikwik, Google Pay, PayTM, Credit Card, Debit Card, UPI, Netbanking, and many more.

15. Do my SIM-based Tracking credits or ping have a validity time?

Yes! SIM-based Tracking credits have a validity of up to 1 year. 

16. Is SIM-based Tracking worth more than GPS tracking?

SIM-based Tracking and GPS device tracking serve different purposes in tracking.  

Mainly we introduced FleetOS SIM-based Tracking option for Market hired vehicles, where if you want to track the market-hired or leased trucks, but you can not install a gps device in the hired truck, that is where SIM-based Tracking will full fill its purpose. SIM-based Tracking helps you to track only with a mobile phone and active SIM card. 

17. For how many hours a day can I use some tracking?

FleetOS SIM-based Tracking option is entirely customizable for our customers. You can track/ping n number of times in a day using your SIM credits.

18. What do I get from SIM-based Tracking output? Will it be exactly the same as GPS tracking?

SIM-based Tracking provides a similar output as address and map like GPS tracking. 

19. What if my driver didn't accept my SIM-based Tracking request?

You can’t track if the driver didn’t accept your tracking option.

20. How many credits do I need to spend for a single ping?

A single credit is spent for a single ping.

21. What is automatic/manual mode tracking?

Automatic – Trip will start tracking when pickup time is reached.

Manual – Trip will be started and ended when click start/stop button by the fleet operator.

22. What are the procedures to do SIM-based Tracking with both smart and usual?

For both types of drivers, SIM-based Tracking can be done using the same process. First, initiate SIM consent, and the driver should approve the consent message.

When tracking mode is selected as SIM consent in Plan, then the trip will be tracked in automatic or manual mode.

23. Is there any demo for using SIM-based Tracking?

Yes! Here it is.

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