How to Sign In to your FleetOS account?

As a fleet owner, if you have already signed up with our FleetOS software, then you can straightaway sign in to your account and access all the available features.

To sign in, you have three different options with FleetOS system:

  • Direct sign in with the platform (Username & Password)
  • Sign In with Google Account
  • Sign In with Mobile Number

Let’s just understand how each sign-in process works.

Direct sign with platform (Username & Password)

Go to FleetOS login link and enter the username and password which you used to create your account.

Sign In using Google Account:

Use this method, if you have signed up with your Google account.

  • Click on Google tab
  • Enter your gmail ID and password to sign in to your account.
Sign In using Mobile Number:

To sign in using this process, you need to enter your mobile number to receive OTP. Make sure to use the verified mobile number.


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