The fleet manager role has a critical task in selecting the right fleet management software for an organization. Before choosing a fleet management software for your organization, know the difference between fleet vehicles and commercial vehicles.

Difference between Commercial Vehicle and Fleet Vehicle

Do they have differences? 

Fleet vehicles are a group of vehicles which can be of any size, owned by a corporation or business. On the other hand, commercial vehicles in a business or organization are built for a specific purpose to transport goods, cargo, or passengers, and normally they can be large vans or trucks. 

Though differences between commercial and fleet vehicles very narrow but they have few differences. Fortunately, Fleet management software (FleetOS) is suitable for both commercial and Fleet vehicles.

What does the fleet management software do? 

Basic fleet management software and its features will support your business with many types of fleets, including commercial vehicles. Fleet management software aids the fleet operators to overlook drivers, fuel checks, and all the trip-relevant issues. There are some basic factors, which every fleet management software offers you. Let me explain about basic features and also we will see what advanced fleet management software gives you.

Vehicle maintenance and repair schedules

Vehicle maintenance and schedules a laborious task to remember, what if software reminds you about vehicle maintenance and schedules without missing it? Yes! Fleet management software helps you to remember the regular maintenance of the vehicle. 

Why do you need to spend a few dollars on vehicle maintenance, regularly?

Because you can avoid more than a hundred dollars repairs in your organization. Also, proper maintenance and schedules will help to avoid downtime and support the organization.

Fuel monitoring 

Fuel monitoring and controlling is a challenging task, fuel monitoring helps to calculate the exact miles traveled by the fleet, and the amount of fuel consumed by the fleet. Managing and controlling fuel can help you save at least 40% of fuel consumption in an organization. 

GPS devices are excellent at route optimization, which leads the vehicle to travel in the shortest route to the destination. It helps to reduce fuel consumption. Fuel monitoring can lower a vast amount of operational costs.

Automates your Fleet Reports

Fleet management systems will provide you reports hourly, daily, or weekly based on the criteria. With this predictive analysis, you can understand the habits of your fleet and help to decide and make adjustments that support your business.

What does FleetOS do to your business?

We know fleet management software supports the business, but we need more than support. FleetOS, an advanced fleet management system, not only supports you but also brings growth to your business in all aspects. Business growth is more than support. 

We know how important your business growth is. Having a logical strategy for your business helps you to grow. Simplifying procedures is the key factor in business growth strategy. FleetOS helps you to simplify your business process. Experts have recommended FleetOS for business growth.

fleetos for business

Lowering your expenses is a strategy for business growth. In which way FleetOS help you to cut down the expenses and make your business process simple?         

There are many ways to save an organization’s expenses, but it becomes a challenging task in the fleet management section. FleetOS helps you to minimize the expenses by managing fuel, optimizing routes, maintaining vehicles, and even helps you to save money by acquisition and resale. 

Every fleet management software provides you with these facilities. What makes FleetOS special?


What’s unique in that?

When we say tracking, we think about GPS options. What If, you can track your vehicle without a GPS device?

Yes! it is possible.

SIM based tracking solution is a vehicle tracking method without using a GPS device. A simple, and affordable method to track your vehicle.

SIM based tracking aids you by saving money in many ways

  1. No more GPS device installation is needed.
  2. Basic phones are enough to track.
  3. Any SIM operator can be used.
  4. Pay when the service is used.

Business growth strategy and basic requirements for tracking are fulfilled with this FleetOS SIM based tracking solution, then make the right choice.

Using fleet management software will allow a business to minimize the risks associated with the investment, improve efficiency, productivity, and reduce overall transportation and operational costs. But when it comes to choosing the right fleet management software with the right features and functionalities is the crucial task. 

Make it right!

Fleet management software is a perk tool in the logistics Industry. Fleet management software is a combination of technology and software. Many companies are based on transportation. The key component of transportation is the driver and the vehicle. To manage that drivers and vehicle fleet management software is used.

Fleet management software takes care of many functions like supply chain management, driver management, accidental management, financing, vehicle health management, and a lot more to reduce the workload of the fleet managers.  


Fleet management software and it's uses

A fleet manager is a person who handles the fleet management software. Fleet management software fills the gap between a fleet manager and a driver.

A fleet management software manages the fleet to increase productivity at a lower cost. Fleet management software does location tracking, expenses management, fuel monitoring, trip plans and executions, bills and incentives maintenance, speed management, safety management, temperature management, driver management, and vehicle maintenance management.

With increasing, fuel prices, fleet managers are looking for a tool to have a check on their fuel level as well as driver behavior monitoring. Fleet management software helps the fleet handlers to overlook drivers, fuel monitoring, and all the trip-related issues with the aid of fleet management software.

How does Fleet Management Software work?

As you know fleet management software is a combination of technology and software. Let’s see some of the components needed for fleet management software to work.

Firstly for real-time tracking an organization needs to install a global positioning system ‘GPS’ device – Teltonika, Concox, Cantrack, cellular triangulation platform can be used in a vehicle,

Secondly according to the recruitment sensors for vehicles should be installed like Fuel sensors, speed control sensors, temperature sensors, RFID reader

Telecommunication is the process of information exchange and Informatics is the science of processing data for storage and retrieval. We need SIM to communicate and transfer data to the processor.

The data from the tracking devices and sensors are transmitted to the respected servers with the help of satellites. The collected data in a server was retrieved and displayed in the fleet management software. Fleet managers are the ones who can manage and access this data in the software.

Key Tasks of Fleet Management Software

1. Vehicle Management

Managing fleet vehicles was not a small thing. A person can not manage fleet vehicles manually. Fleet management software will help a fleet manager to manage vehicles in an organized way. 

  • Real-time tracking.
  • Vehicle health check.
  • Planning and execution of trips.
  • Bill maintenance.
  • Maintain vehicle procurement.

Above mentioned things for vehicles are managed with the help of the fleet management system.  

2. Driver Management

Driver management was important as much as vehicle management.  It is one of the important factors to be considered. Fleet management software helps to

  • Maintain driver’s documents.
  • Record driving hours.
  • Records idle time.
  • Accidental management.
  • Safety measures check.
  • Emergency contact with  fleet managers 

3. Price Management

An organization won’t use software simply, everything would happen for a reason. The main work of fleet management software in an organization is to increase productivity by lowering the cost. 

  • Route Optimization
  • Fuel monitoring.
  • Schedule maintenance.
  • Control expenses.

4. Procurement / Document Management

A fleet manager cannot maintain documents of all drivers and vehicles manually. Fleet management software helps to maintain documents in an organized manner and it makes the work of fleet managers easier. 

  • Vehicle document maintenance.
  • Insurance Management.
  • Drivers document Management.
  • Sheets integration.
  • Client procurement maintenance.

In every circumstance Fleet management software is an add-on advantage for an organization to manage a fleet. Let’s fulfill our organization’s needs and enhance productivity by implementing fleet management software like FleetOs with lower cost.

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