7 Solutions for 7 Challenges Faced by Truck Owners


The blog discusses 7 common challenges faced by fleet owners, such as theft, unplanned expenses, customer satisfaction, idling hours, vehicle lifecycle, safety, and vehicle tracking. The solution to these challenges is FleetOS, a fleet management system that provides real-time monitoring of vehicles and drivers, helps reduce expenses, improve transparency, increase productivity, and enhance the safety and lifespan of vehicles.

Challenges are increasing in the fleet industry. We know fleet managers and fleet owners face a lot of issues in their daily life. After the COVID-19 impact, fleet managers and owners face even more problems in their everyday lives.

While we are still analyzing and rectifying the impacted COVID-19 market, we are forced to combat fuel’s rising price. We know rising fuel prices in the 2021 market have a lot of politics. To succeed in this industry, Fleet owners should be prepared with the most reliable resources. 

Fleet owners of various organizations face different challenges, and here we took some of the common universal challenges faced by every fleet owner in daily life. Here are 7 solutions for 7 combat challenges faced by fleet owners.

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1. Theft Activities: How to Control Theft Activities?

How to control fleet-related theft activities? Central question revolving in every fleet owner’s mind. 

Fleet-related theft activities involve fuel theft, fleet spare part theft, even vehicle theft. Who is there behind these theft activities? Not only outsiders, even organization staff and drivers involved in these theft activities. 

Is it easy to control theft activities? It is, Yes! It is easy to control the theft activities if the vehicle stays inside the organization’s compound. When a vehicle moves out of the organization, you cannot guarantee anything. 

If the fleet stays inside the organization, you can build up the fence, add surveillance cameras, and monitor 24*7. How about outside? 

Drivers follow different thug techniques in fuel theft; also, drivers face theft activities by outsiders on highways. How to monitor or How to control theft activities? Telematics solution. 

Fleet management system FleetOS helps fleet owners monitor their drivers and vehicles in real-time on the trip, which allows them to control or prevent fleet-related theft activities. 

2. Managing Unplanned Expenses

Managing unplanned expenses, a real toughest challenge for a fleet owner. Every fleet manager should be prepared for unexpected expenses if you don’t want to stop the work in between. 

The constant fluctuation of fuel price makes it unplanned expenses. Fuel price not only varies between countries, but it also varies between states and cities.  

When we say unplanned expenses, ‘Goonda tax’ and ‘sudden roadside services expenses’ will also be included. 

Goonda tax, What is it? Goonda tax the term referred to be ‘bully-boy tactics,’ weird right? It’s a tax collected by a group of violent people or looting from drivers for protection. If you are not ready to pay, forget your freight. 

Goonda tax is considered illegal and punishable by the government, but this taxation is followed even in some places. Many political parties are also involved in this Goonda tax concept in India.   

Unexpected things that happen in the route like puncture, breakdown, spare part faults, roadside services are also considered unexpected expenses. These things lead to minimizing fleet productivity. FleetOS expenses reports help a fleet owner to reduce fleet business expenses and improve productivity.

3. Improving Customer Satisfaction

How happy are customers? Ensuring customer satisfaction is a much bigger task and even vital task. Only improving transparency can increase customer satisfaction. 

By hearing this transparency, it is considered to be a common word between some. But in business, transparency can make big things. How to improve this transparency factor? 

Be open with your customer, maintain two-way communications if any changes take place, inform your customers, listen to your customer, Say what you can do! Do what you say. 

Fleet management software FleetOS improves transparency. Both the parties’ consignor and consignee have the information and updates of goods that are being transported; this improves the transparency on both ends. This transparency is valuable for both parties.

4. Reducing Vehicle Idling Hours and Increasing Productivity

Reducing unwanted vehicle idling hours can increase fuel efficiency, extend the vehicle’s life, and reduce toxic gas emissions. 

Researchers say 30sec of idling uses the amount of fuel used to restart the vehicle. How does a fleet owner come to know whether the vehicle is in an idle state or not? 

Telematics a perfect solution to know the engine idle hours, which helps a fleet owner to reduce fuel consumption and increase productivity. 

5. Improving vehicle life cycle

How to improve a vehicle’s life cycle?  Maintenance is the only vital task to enhance the vehicle’s life cycle. Fleet owners will often be forgetting the maintenance date, missing maintenance documents in the busy schedule. 

Also, the driving behavior of drivers will affect the lifecycle of a vehicle; how? Drivers have the technique that they will drive the vehicle in neutral mode to save fuel, and they will take the saved fuel for personal uses. 

How to remember the maintenance date? How to schedule regular maintenance? How to monitor driver behavior on driving? 

Fleet management system FleetOS helps you maintain vehicle maintenance records, provide the alert on maintenance date, and monitor your driver driving behavior.

6. Increasing Safety of both vehicles and drivers

It is easy for every fleet owner to ensure both vehicle and driver’s safety inside an organization, but can safety be ensured when they move out on a trip? 

Anything will happen on the road, sudden accidents, vehicle damage, etc. For these cases driving behavior may be a cause. Monitoring driver behavior is not possible. 

But identifying and rectifying driving behaviors like rash driving, hard braking will help an organization save fuel, increase the safety of both vehicle and driver, and even improve the lifecycle of a vehicle. 

Is it possible to monitor the driver? It is possible with FleetOS, which helps you analyze driver behavior, improve efficiency and increase productivity. 

7. Vehicle tracking

Vehicle tracking or vehicle monitoring is an essential factor in fleet management. Often fleet owners cannot call or attend calls from drivers for status updates. Fleet owners can’t go back on vehicles to note if the vehicle travels in the designated route. When it comes to fuel consumption, fleet managers can not calculate the fuel consumption without knowing the vehicle traveled route or after damaging the odometer. 

Do these problems have solutions? Yes, vehicle tracking has multiple benefits.

Vehicle tracking is the best way to gain visibility across your fleet. Tracking your vehicles’ location is a great way to check whether your drivers are staying on designated routes, actual fuel consumption, vehicle idle hours, making your fleet productive.

Even Vamosys provides two tracking methods in FleetOS; tracking with a GPS device and another is tracking without a GPS device. Tracking without GPS, also known as  SIM consent tracking, helps you track your vehicle with a basic or smart mobile phone.  

Being a fleet owner or a fleet manager is often a cruel role but a vital function in a fleet-related organization. One of the best ways to tackle and provide solutions for fleet owners is Fleet management system FleetOS. FleetOS provides enormous benefits like visibility, automation, increase productivity, and so on to the fleet organization. 

Login into FleetOS! Enjoy fleet management!

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