VAMOSYS the best alternative to Verizon

The journey of developing technology isn’t always easy. Diving deep to understand the real problem in the real world only can solve the actual problem. 

Fleet business has more uncertainty in meeting deadlines and remains unorganized for many years. As a measure to make operations clear and precise, Fleet Telematics and Transportation Systems stepped into the logistics world. 

Fleet Transportation Systems (FTS) are an essential part of the modern-day logistics business. Telematics system is the bridge that connects your fleets and with the fleet owners/managers through Software as a solution technology.

Telematics lets the authorized person know the fleets’ real-time location with the help of GPS tracking and location services. 

All the companies that provide fleet management solutions have adopted telematics. With the vast majority of the fleet solutions and systems, many companies offer technology-driven digital solutions. Still, very few companies provide the best and comprehensive solutions for those who own truck business and logistics operations. 

Now, how do you find them?

Here you will see in detail about the company that provides you the best telematics solutions for effective fleet management. Keep reading to know better about the best service providers in the fleet management industry.

Best alternative to Verizon

8 Reasons why VAMOSYS stands out compared to Verizon

8 reasons why you need to choose VAMOSYS

1.Effective communication

Communication is a two-way process of a business that involves good speaking and listening skills. Clients and customer satisfaction is the foremost important objective for a successful business. 

Clients will have their own queries and clarifications. Apart from speaking skills, a good business requires good listening skills. The most prominent killer of communication is the lack of listening skills.

Our team of experts in Vamosys is efficient in both listening and speaking skills to ensure a clear flow of the business with mutually acceptable solutions. 

The team of Vamosys is always open to communicating with its clients regarding any aspects of the business.

Effective communications guide the management to arrive at the best solutions and services for the clients. And effective communication is a constant activity that allows us to interact more with our clients for better progress.

2.Ease of use

The products of Vamosys and the telematics systems that involve various applications to be used with our mobile phones are much easier to use. Why would we complicate the usage of an application?

Our business ideas are entirely based on simplicity and clarity. Complexity will add on the resources required to handle the complex issues and provide solutions to the customer. 

When our products and applications are very user-friendly, why would we even need a team for customer services? But we do have a team of experts to provide customer services anytime.

3.Immediate response

Logistics business can have problems at any time as it involves a lot of travel with multiple fleets in operation. The team of Vamosys is always ready with constant management skills to respond immediately to any issues related to fleets or the trade. 

Delayed responses can result in worse conditions. It is always better to solve any issues as early as possible as the logistics business is completely dependent on time. Delayed solutions will result in poor time management by increasing the waiting time for the clients. 

Vamosys does not allow space for such abnormalities to extend. We respond immediately to ensure the free flow of the business at all times with effective solutions.

4.After-sale support

Vamosys focuses more on customer satisfaction than the quantity of sales. We are qualitative people who believe in the quality of the process rather than the quantity. Many companies are greedy enough to just focus on their sales of the product and do not support customers after the sale. 

As a team of Vamosys, we are always ready and curious to know that the client is satisfied with the usage of our product even after the sales.

Even if the client comes up with any sort of issues after buying the product, we are always there to support our clients. 


Choosing a software that suits your fleet size to run your business effectively is important. At the same it is necessary to evaluate how much you are investing based on your business demands. 

It’s time to rethink spending huge money on software in which most of the features are unused to run a business. Instead of paying unwantedly, list out what are your business demands and what are the specifications you need to fulfill your goals. 

Compared to Verizon, the softwares of Vamosys is less expensive, cost-effective and reliable for all logistic owners.

Vamosys designed it’s software based on understanding problems of fleet owners. They primarily focused on the issues in which fleet owners and managers have been facing over a long period and also they offer customized solutions for the client’s requirement.

6.Works efficiently on any device

We do not have products that support only defined systems effectively. Vamosys products are highly flexible which can be used efficiently on any type of device like Apple iOS, Android, Windows, etc.

Vamosys focuses on the majority of the people to be benefited from our products; we do not have any technical limitations in the usage of our product based on the type of devices. Any devices can be used along with our flexible products.

7.Intuitive interfaces

Most of the company’s drawbacks are about its user interfaces. Applications can be programmed with the highest level of intelligence by the technicians. But who are the users? Vamosys is always clear in understanding the needs of the customer by providing the applications with basic standards that are easy to use and understand. 

User-friendly interfaces allow the clients to understand the various aspects of the product and its application in a better way. Suppose a company does not have a simple, user-friendly interface.

In that case, it needs a mediator or the customer service team to be engaged with the customers to make them understand and use the applications efficiently. 

Such complications make it harder for both the client and the company to function at ease. Vamosys has a simple and user-friendly interface for its customers to ensure easy understanding and usage of its products.

8.Accurate reports for GPS tracking, fuel monitoring, and expense report

Starting from the source point to its destination. Vamosys has a specialized team to manage the documentation at every level of the business. Ongoing fleet management allows our experts to collect accurate fleet live location data through GPS tracking. 

Fuel costs are a major concern for any business involved in logistics. Vamosys has an efficient fuel monitoring system that ensures to avoid the misuse and wastage of fuel during the entire fleet operations.

Continuous monitoring enables the team to alert the operator in case of fuel theft and vehicle idling to ensure efficient fuel usage. 

As there are a lot of expenses involved in every stage of fleet operations like vehicle inspection, driver cost, fuel cost, toll charges, maintenance cost, etc.

Vamosys holds accurate reports of its expenses for every fleet operation on a daily basis. Such expense reports help the management to have a control on its expenses that helps in the bottom-line growth of the company.

Why do you need to choose Vamosys?

Every business person has started their journey with a long term vision. In that journey, to reach every nook of a corner in the world, one must upgrade their path with technological advancements to reach zenith height.  

VAMOSYS focuses on fleet owners’ problems through practical experience and provides solutions with technology with analysis. The applications and apps that have been designed and developed will really fit into any type of fleet business and logistics operations. 

Our services have been complimented by our clients and satisfied with our applications. We received feedback that their fuel cost and expenses are reduced greatly by using our applications.

Sushanthi is a Content Writer who wishes to be the voice of brands to project their innovative ideas and stories through her writing skills.

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