Italon Fuel Sensor vs. Omnicomm Fuel Sensor: Which is Best?

Are you looking for a perfect fuel sensor, which is suitable for your business requirements? We know, as a buyer, you will be struggling to choose a fuel sensor after knowing that you need the best fuel sensor for your business. Technology grows enormously as well as competitors. 

There are many different types of fuel level sensors (FLS) for various purposes in the market.  But now, we are going to compare the two most challengeable manufacturers Italon vs. Omnicomm. Let’s get to know which is going to compete. 

italon vs omnicomm

1. Years of Experience

Everyone has this question, years of experience, does it matter? Yes! Of course. What is the importance of considering years of experience? The more you gain knowledge and experience to handle customers and provide good quality products makes a company better than others.

YEARS OF EXPERIENCEsince 2005, Italon company is a developer & manufacturer of telematics equipment that has been established in the market in Russia and has 750+ integrators and dealers worldwide. Omnicomm company was founded in the year 1998, and it’s headquarter located in Russia with sales & support offices in India, Estonia, Brazil, & Mexico.

2. Design & Type

Tons of fuel monitoring sensor designs are available in the market. Does everything works? No, selecting a perfect design and type according to the requirements is necessary. 

There is a famous quote by Steve Jobs that explains how design is vital to a product. “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” 

Both Italon and Onicomm fuel sensors are capacitive type fuel level sensor designed to measure the fuel level, fuel consumption, fuel fill, or fuel drains on the vehicle’s tanks or stationary fuel storages. Capacitive sensors are compact in size and are mainly known for their accuracy. These are non-harmful sensors.

3. Special Features

OUTPUTItalon fuel sensor provides you with analog and digital outputs. Omnicomm sensor provides you with analog or digital output
ACCURACYItalon FLS Provides you with 99.5% accurate output.Omnicomm sensors also provides you with an accurate output of 99.5%.
TYPEBy the type of switching connector, Italon fuel sensors are available in two versions. Omnicomm has a different variety of capacitive sensors.
LENGTHCustomizable sensor length. Omnicomm sensors are available in a wide range of level measurements depending on the sensor models, from 700mm to a minimum of 1500mm, and a maximum of 6000mm.
POWER CONSUMPTIONThe minimum power consumption is 0.55W, and the maximum consumption goes up to 0.9W. The minimum power consumption is 0.4W, and the maximum consumption goes up to 0.9W (May differ on models).
ERROR %Maximum error percentage measurement, 0.4 %.The basic reduced error of level measurement, ±0.5% or ±1% (depends on model).
POWER SUPPLYDC Power Supply Voltage from 7-40V.DC Power Supply Voltage from 7-40V.
OPERATING TEMPERATUREOperating temperature range, -40 to +80 °C.Operating temperature range, -60 to + 85°C or -40 to +80 °C(depends on model).
LIFETIMEThe average lifetime of these sensors comes up to 8 - 12 years.The average lifetime of these sensors comes up to 8 or 12 years (depends on the model).

4. Functionality

FUNCTIONALITY Italon sensors are compatible with vehicle tracking or satellite transport monitoring systems, i.e., with GPS or GLONASS from different manufacturers. Omnicomm sensors work with Omnicomm tracking equipment and compatible with popular vehicle tracking devices & platforms.

5. Calibration

Calibration is the process of defining and matching a sensor’s output value into a known standard known value. Every sensor which measures a value requires calibration. 

Both Italon and Onicomm fuel sensor requires calibration, but calibration for process both the sensors may differ. Check with the manufacturers or product suppliers for detailed information on installation and calibration. 

6. Warranty

WARRANTYThe lifetime of Italon sensors comes up to 8 - 12years and has 5 years of warranty. The shelf life without inspections is 2 years.Extended product lifetime from 8 to 12 years and 5 years warranty

7. Price

Pricing is the leading segment of comparison. The detailed pricing plan of Italon and Omnicomm fuel sensor are not provided on the official website. These sensors are sold and supplied for various prices from different suppliers. Check with the manufacturers or solution providers for a detailed price plan. Many dealers and providers say that Italon sensors are available in the market for a low price than Omnicomm. 

I hope by reading the above factual information you came to a decision. Now, where do you get one? As we said, there are a lot of solution providers in the market; why do you want to choose Vamosys

Vamosys provides you with the italon fuel sensor. What do you get from Vamosys

  • Vamosys fuel monitoring system supports dual fuel tanks, and you can monitor the fuel consumption and real-time fuel level for both tanks.
  • We install fuel sensors for heavy haulers, fleet trucks, concrete mixers, tankers,  refrigerator trucks, buses, vans, generators, and excavators.
  • Vamosys provide you a platform with fuel theft reports, mileage reports, idle wastage analysis, consumption report, overall consolidate report and many more.
  • With Vamosys, you will also be provided with instant alert notifications on fuel fills and fuel drains that happens on the fuel tank.

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