Solutions to Prevent Fuel Theft – Diesel and Petrol

There’s a lot of money going into every industry. To produce the products you sell and spend a little more to pay your employees, you have to shell out big bucks. However, there is another thing that eats up a substantial part of the revenue for delivery service operators: fuel.

Production of oil is a profitable business, so lucrative it keeps most of the strong countries of the world running. If a company produces just as much profit, it only implies one thing: the commodity also comes with a heavy price tag.

Anyone who uses oil to cook or maintain their wheels rolling may feel the commodity’s rising cost, but perhaps none of us normal consumers feels it more than businesses who depend on it to maintain their company going. For example, delivery service operators can not continue their activities without oil because they have to fuel their vehicles for deliveries every day.

These businesses know that they have to go to fuel for a large portion of their revenue. But what’s the issue now is the fact that they’re not only dealing with skyrocketing petroleum prices nowadays— they’re also dealing with fuel thieves.

The Truth about Fleet Fuel Theft

Thieves are going to do anything they need to get a few more rupees in their pockets. Since oil is one of the most necessary and costly commodities, accounting for $1.7 trillion of the world’s demands for market revenues, it is no wonder that theft of petrol is increasing. In reality, the recent accounts have it that every year around the globe $133 billion in fuel is robbed.

Over the years, it has altered or even “developed” methods of stealing petrol. Some steal it directly from the pipelines by illegally tapping and pumping the substance onto trucks and tanks. But what most fleet owners encounter regularly is blatant draining directly from the tank from the vehicle fleet itself and unlawful siphoning of oil and gasoline. Most of the moment, the worst thing about this is that it is the workers themselves who perform the crime, increasing safety issues within the business.

Diesel Theft techniques followed by Truck Drivers Fuel Monitoring System

Luckily, fleet fuel theft incidents can be minimized, if not completely eradicated. If you are a fleet owner presently seeking a solution to the alarmingly increasing amount of fleet fuel theft instances, below is a list of a few steps you should take to reduce theft of fleet fuel.

How Can We Reduce Fleet Fuel Theft

1. Anti-siphoning devices and sensors

For fuel thieves, fleet yards are a popular target. In place, they are open and wider, making it simpler to steal. Yes, you can install fences, but it won’t be enough for you to be sure. To reduce theft of fleet fuel, equip the entire plant with sensors and equipment for anti-siphoning. With these alarms, somebody attempts to drain petrol from the tank off the second.

2. Detailed fuel consumption policies

If you found out that your staff has been taking liters of fuel home and confronted them about doing so, the best solution is, they claim they didn’t know it wasn’t permitted. And now it looks like you’re the guilty one. That’s why setting stuff directly from the beginning pays. Come and discuss narrow fuel consumption strategies with your staff or monitor your staff legally. Make sure they know that for company reasons only any type of fuel use should be.

3. Use surveillance cameras and enhance facility lighting

By using a CCTV camera, enhancing the lighting in the entire building, and putting detectors where you maintain your fleet, you can also increase safety. Make sure your security system works 24/7 to discourage theft from taking fuel in your yard. Position your fleet strategically where there are no gray areas and you can see all of your company on a screen. This will assist you to notice quicker any unauthorized vehicle motion or suspect staff.

4. Inexpensive yet effective GPS fleet management system

Your fleet is vulnerable to theft between activities and deliveries. But if you can monitor your frigate in real-time at once, you’ll know how and where to use each of the vehicles. You’ll know why some deliveries take longer than usual, which route the driver has chosen to take, who takes unauthorized detours among them, and the reality behind dubious idle hours.

VAMOSYS, a domestic giant in fleet GPS surveillance, is one of the best fleet management system suppliers on the market today. The products offered by VAMOSYS are produced of sophisticated and durable materials but are purchased at a very reasonable rate. By attaching GPS tracking equipment for each vehicle, your fleet drivers will behave responsibly, knowing their location is being tracked. This technique also enables you to eliminate the chance of stealing assets from employees. Reducing theft of fleet fuel can, therefore, be accomplished through the solution of VAMOSYS fleet management.

Theft of fuel is a danger to any company. Running out of fuel and stopping business activities just because someone looted your fuel is something that can be avoided, especially for operators of delivery services with schedules to follow. Not only will this cause slippage in income, but it will also harm your reputation. So finding methods to stop this from occurring pays off. Hopefully, this list has helped you develop a successful approach to safeguard your company against fuel theft. Get in touch with  VAMOSYS today to save your business from unnecessary losses.

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