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Peace of mind with GPS

You simply can’t put a price on peace of mind, and GPS tracker can offer you that. That could be by keeping a track on your child or any other loved ones, or by keeping a track on your vehicle (or an entire fleet) or any other assets. A GPS tracker will reduce that anxiety and help you to keep an eye on what is priceless to you.

With easy installation and affordable price, a latest GPS system could be used to belongings secure and safe. These trackers also help in staying connected with the authorities 24/7, who will help in recovering your stolen or lost possessions. Over 200,000 cases of stolen vehicles were registered just for the year 2018 in India, which in turn shows an increase in motoristinst investing in the latest vehicle tracking technology. But what is the right for you? What’s the kind of GPS system/tracker that can bring you a peace of mind? Read further to understand your options better.

A GPS Tracker?

Simply put, GPS trackers are those which use the revolutionary Global Positioning System (GPS) to track the position of a vehicle, or a person or any object that is connected to a GPS receiving device. This technology has been around the world for a while now, with a number of industries/sectors using it to simply their duties. From daily delivery drivers to national defences/securities are utilizing GPS technology to complete their tasks efficiently. Used most commonly in navigation, determining location and tracking. Latest GPS trackers are by far the most potent anti-theft devices in this world.

How Do They Work?

GPS satellites revolve in a precise orbit around the Earth twice a day to generate information. Each satellite transmits radio waves towards Earth that carry data regarding its position and time. GPS devices on the Earth detect and decode this data. Using this data, trilateration GPS receivers calculate and determine the location of the sources integrated with GPS devices. When a GPS receiver locks down signals, at least 3 satellites in the orbit, calculate the 2-D position (latitude and longitude) of the GPS user. When a GPS receiver locks down signals from 4 or more satellites, it can calculate the 3-D position (latitude, longitude, and altitude) of the GPS user.

Various Types of GPS Tracker

There are several kinds of GPS trackers that you can choose from. Each type of tracker are engineered for specific purposes based on your needs and requirements. Below are the three most commonly used type of trackers:

Vehicle GPS Trackers

India is a nation with more than half a million kilometers of roadways. That includes Expressways, National Highways, State Highways and Village Roads, etc. Though we have a huge security system for the nation we don’t have a security system for our vehicles. Reports have shown clearly that nearly 105 vehicles are stolen every day in our national capital. The thieves are smart enough as they are bypassing the electronic locks, GPS scanners, and electronic ignition of the mechanism of the vehicles with ease. Vehicle GPS Trackers are the solution to these problems as they come in all shapes and sizes, the GPS tracking technology has evolved to trick the tricksters and make the authorities job easier in case of theft of your vehicles.

Personal GPS Trackers

The dynamics of business is constantly evolving and organizations are facing groundbreaking global competition that forces them to work round the clock to serve their clients across the globe. This demands productive employes, both men and women, to work in rotational shifts to meet their professional obligations. But this puts women employes at risk as they had to traverse back home at midnight or early morning. In most cases they had to walk or drive alone, leaving them vulnerable to attacks, teasing and molestations.

Personal tracking solution is specifically designed to help women reach out to those who can help instantly. The receiver has superior sensitivity and can connect SOS calls instantly. The tracking equipment assures instant tracking allowing the victim’s location identified instantly so that necessary assistance can be provided.

GPS Asset Trackers

GPS asset trackers help in micro monitor your assets. For instance, tarpaulin sheets which is used to cover Railways wagon containing coal. There are cases of these tarpaulin sheets being stolen along with coal by anti-social elements in remote forest areas. Our Long life portable GPS vehicle tracking were employed to track these sheets. This has long battery life (10-90 days) non-wired GPS tracker used to track assets like containers, cash bags, etc. This solution also comes with unlimited Geo-fencing (sites marking), site entry/exit alert, trip reports etc.

Without a doubt, the most common place where the GPS trackers thrive is under the vehicle and fleet management systems. Increased efficiency for the business is leading to further increase in investing in GPS vehicle tracking by every possible business which is dependent on the transportation sector. Above all that, irrespective to the tracker that you seek depending on your needs, peace of mind is guaranteed at the end of the day.

Team VAMOSYS have been into GPS business since 2014 and have good experience on GPS Vehicle Tracking, Fuel Monitoring, Fleet Management and GPS Tracker Devices. Writes article on various topics to share the industry experiences and knowledge.

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