Fleet Dashcams: Why do you need to have them?

The Dashcam is considered one of the greatest inventions in the world of logistics. But, unfortunately, many logistics owners don’t know the importance of having them in their fleet, especially those who own smaller fleets. 

According to freightways survey, about 30% of fleet refuses to install dash cams in their fleet due to decrease in driver turnover as it affects their privacy. But in case of larger fleets, the adoption of Dashcam has seen a surge especially in commercial fleets that has witnessed reasonable growth in ROI in the markets of US, UK, and other western regions as well. 

By seeing this as an example, many logistics companies install dashcams in their fleet to improve productivity and efficiency.  So you might have thought about what this Dashcam does and how it is helpful in fleet operations?

Most fleet managers have no clue during unfortunate events like accidents, and they don’t have proper evidence while facing insurance claims or move legally to investigate the occurrence. 

Fraudulent insurance claims are on the rise; the third party would have attempted the crimes to extort money by blaming innocent drivers who were out there. Here, the dashcams save your drivers from false accusations. 

Apart from driver monitoring, tracking, fuel usage, and speed monitoring, the large fleet owners have a firm hold on dash cams as they have more exposure to litigation and liability. As a result, it plays a significant role in law enforcement, insurance claims and saves you from unfair allegations and penalties. 

The advancement in technology has driven the trucking industry to make substantial improvements. Day by day, the telematics data becomes more meaningful and gives the exact details of targeted information with a clear view of “What has happened and how it has happened.” 

The trucking industry, which is considered the country’s backbone, advances with sophisticated technology with improved visibility and transparency for fleet managers. 

In this COVID 19 pandemic situation, the trucking industry and logistics companies are working vigorously to meet the demands of the consumer. The majority of consumers primarily rely on online shopping to avoid outside crowds and lockdown restrictions.  

So, the number of fleets travelling out there on the roads has increased, and the safety of drivers has been questioned as they are involved in continuous trips. So, let’s see what the advantages of installing a dashcam in your vehicles are.  

Top 4 reasons why you need to have a dashcam in your fleet vehicles

In traditional telematics, for example, if you need to see a fuel usage report, there will be numerous data; from that data, you need to analyze the detailed information through charts and graphs to figure out one fuel report, which is seen to be time-consuming. 

With advanced telematics, autonomous vehicles bring a revolutionary change in the logistics sector. Every time you rely on old technology, there is no doubt your business will be outdated. Big automotive giants are rising above with new innovative ideas to streamline the unorganized trucking business in the most effective way. 

Dashcam stepped into the way in many logistics and trucking industries to witness every move of the vehicle with the video that has been continuously capturing, recording and stored in the cloud server of every detail like driver monitoring based on his facial reaction, accident investigations, fraudulent activities, asset theft, fuel theft or detour activities.

1.In-depth Insights

Dashcam serves as a third eye to watch things in a broader perspective for the fleet managers along with GPS tracking software. The 360-degree view high-resolution camera captured the video. However, it was not just footage but identified the severity of the event and allowed the fleet managers to take actionable steps to make fleet operations function smoothly.   

  • It describes driving patterns and recognition
  • Analyzes the safety concerns of the vehicle 
  • Predictive maintenance schedules based on the vehicle health  
  • Driver training based on the visual reports. 


These are possible through AI-enabled and Big data technology integrated within the camera to keep track of through live streaming by giving instructions to the driver in real-time. 

2.Evidence as a proof

The fleet companies are installing dashcams in their vehicles to keep first-hand evidence if they face any unfortunate events. Wherever you go to solve an issue, the first question will be the “Evidence.” The recorded video footage resolves half the problem in the fleet business. It provides safety to the asset and as well as the vehicle. 

In case of any theft happening in the fleet or any detours, the video shows all the moments and helps identify whose mistake and can take reasonable actions against them by defending your company. 

3.Exonerate your drivers from false accusation

Dashcams picturize complete safety for the drivers. However, there is no surprise, and sometimes unexpected collisions happen during the trip. If the collisions were not the driver’s fault, how to save the driver and company from paying such an expensive amount?

Video telematics came as a rescue to save from this situation; the integration of dashcams in the fleet management software helps capture the moment you had the collision. It stores the footage in the servers and sends a notification to your smartphone. It really benefits the driver to exonerate drivers from false accusations and protects them from fake insurance claims & penalties.

4.Driver Monitoring

Unprofessional drivers violate traffic laws and perform harsh driving activities. The fear of damage to the vehicle and its expensive maintenance cost is the biggest concern for fleet owners. Because of Harsh acceleration and speeding, they may put innocent lives in danger. 

Capturing their activities serves as proof to take legal action against them for breaking the company and government laws. At the same time, through analyses of their driving patterns, fleet managers can provide driver coaching to improve their driving skills on the road.  

Being a fleet owner/ manager never does the guesswork when it comes to fleet operations. Dashcams provide additional support to enhance the fleet operations in the best way. 

Sushanthi is a Content Writer who wishes to be the voice of brands to project their innovative ideas and stories through her writing skills.

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