Why Vehicle Tracking is Important for your Business?


A Vehicle Tracking System uses GPS technology to track and monitor vehicles in real-time. It helps businesses in various ways, such as real-time tracking of vehicles and employees, identifying stolen vehicles, improving driver safety, increasing fuel efficiency, monitoring vehicle speed, helping in vehicle maintenance, increasing productivity, and providing traffic updates. 

Installing a vehicle tracking system can help fleet operators manage their vehicles, improve productivity, and ultimately lead to business growth.

GPS vehicle tracking system is important because it addresses major problems and helps fleet operators to run smoothly. 

How it is going to help fleet business, why the logistics sector needs to install, and why vehicle tracking system is important are discussed in this article.

What is Vehicle Tracking System

The vehicle tracking system is used to track and monitor the vehicles in the logistics sector. The vehicle tracking is done with the aid of GPS tracker devices and a cloud server. 

In the telematics industry, the software application is developed by the expert team to monitor the vehicle moving, driver behavior, and other such parameters requested by fleet operators.

Salient Features of GPS Vehicle Tracking System are:
  • Real-time vehicle tracking
  • Fuel Monitoring using Fuel Level Sensor
  • Driver Monitoring Vehicle Idle and Parking details
  • Temperature Monitoring using Temperature Sensor
  • Geo-Fencing and a lot more

Vehicle tracking technology is used in many industries and not only to track vehicles. This technology serves the below-mentioned sectors:

  • Logistics Industry
  • Transportation Sector
  • Construction Sector
  • Food Storage Trucks
  • Industrial Generator Sets
  • Medical Industry
  • Oil Industry
  • School and College Bus Sector

There are several more ways to track and monitor vehicles within different industries. The vehicle tracking system has a different operating procedure for working.

How Vehicle Tracking System Works

The vehicle tracking system is a cloud-based software technology where fleet operators can see the reports and vehicle data. A well-developed mobile and web application display the captured data to the users to track and monitor the vehicle in real-time.

The live location is tracked through the GPS satellites with the 2-way communication GPS tracking device installed in the vehicle. The GPS device will capture all the vehicle’s vital information, share the information to the satellites using the SIM card on GPS tracker devices. The application cloud receives the data, process the information and present the data on software application as reports in graphical formats.

Why Vehicle Tracking is Important for Business

Vehicle tracking system helps the logistics, transportation and other industries in many ways. Most of the fleet operators assume that vehicle tracking provides just basic tracking but it provides various vehicle information that is useful for logistics business.

Here we are listing why vehicle tracking is important for your business and implement in your vehicles.

Real-time Tracking of Vehicle and Employees

The fleet operator can track the vehicle live location using the vehicle tracking system. Based on the vehicle movement, the operator can check the vehicle speed, vehicle idling time, and parking location using the GPS tracking devices installed in the vehicle.

The driver behavior can also be monitored using vehicle tracking systems, such as vehicle idling, overspeeding, harsh braking parameters to understand and manage drivers.

By installing an advanced vehicle tracking system on the entire fleet supports in managing the drivers, vehicle maintenance, and overall improvements in vehicle productivity.

Helps to Identify a Stolen Vehicle

At times a vehicle can be stolen by unknown persons, it could affect your business value, customer consignment, and reputation of your organization. To avoid such scenarios, the fleet operator should install the best vehicle tracking system in their vehicles.

You may think, such scenarios occur in real life? 

To answer your question, YES! We at VAMOSYS faced a similar situation, where one of our client’s vehicles has stolen and they rescued their vehicle using our GPS vehicle tracking system. 

To know more about the incidence, read our case study-  Theft Truck Vehicle identified with VAMOSYS GPS.

Improves Driver Safety

The fleet manager will have enough data about vehicle speed, braking pattern, idling time details, based on these data the fleet manager can assess the performance of the vehicle drivers.

If any of the drivers have abnormal behavior in the driving patterns, the fleet manager can train the drivers to meet the safety standards of the organization. Also, improve the productivity and safety of vehicle drivers.

Increase in Fuel Efficiency

On installing the fuel level sensor along with the GPS devices, the fleet operators can check the live fuel level on GPS tracking software. In the dedicated fuel reports, the fleet operators will get the fuel filling details, vehicle mileage reports, and theft alerts, in case any fuel pilferage occurs.

Based on the fuel mileage report, the fleet operator can assess the vehicle performance on fuel efficiency, if any vehicle provides less fuel efficiency, the operator should plan for preventive maintenance to improve the fuel efficiency.

Vehicle Speed Monitor

The fleet operators can now monitor the live vehicle speed using the advanced vehicle tracking system. The GPS tracking device installed in the vehicle captures the vehicle speed data, the data can be monitored using the best GPS tracking software

The speed report can be generated using the vehicle tracking system if there is any Overspeed that occurred the fleet operator can review the driver’s behavior. The fleet operator should train the drivers who violate the speed limit as prescribed by company laws and road rules.

Helps in Vehicle Maintenance

The installed GPS tracking devices provide vital analytics about the vehicle, the fleet operator can assess the analytics report on GPS tracking software. Based on vehicle mileage, distance traveled and fuel consumption pattern the fleet operators can schedule the maintenance of the vehicle.

Properly maintained vehicles improve productivity and reduce downtime all these communicatively improve the business growth. Also, vehicle maintenance using the vehicle tracking system improves the vehicle life, avoids break down.

Productivity Increase

The installed GPS tracking devices allow the vehicle operator to manage the vehicles, reduce the vehicle idling, parking time to improve productivity.

The vehicle analytics provided by the vehicle tracking system helps to evaluate the vehicle performance, driver behavior, fuel efficiency, vehicle health records help to manage the fleet better to improve the organization growth. 

Traffic Update

In the logistics sector, the consignment should reach the destination in the scheduled time. To achieve this, the fleet operator/fleet manager may guide the drivers in crunch situations to avoid the traffic routes. 

For better route optimization, the fleet operators can use the vehicle tracking software tool to get the real-time traffic update and plan the trip route to reach the destination on time, improve customer retention.

Customer Satisfaction

Timely delivery of the consignment, tracking the live location of consignment vehicles, estimated time of arrival all make the customer happy as he/she would be able to see the real-time tracking of the vehicle using the GPS tracking software.

Operational Cost

In the logistics fleet operations, the major expenses close to 25% is for vehicle fuel. The operational cost can be minimized if the fuel efficiency is increased and reduce unwanted fuel consumption.

To achieve the fuel reduction the fleet operators can use the vehicle tracking system data on fuel consumption with fuel level sensor, vehicle idling time, engine on / off period, based on these metrics the fleet operators can assess the fuel consumption and work on areas to improve the fuel efficiency that in turn reduce the operational cost to a certain extent.

The vehicle tracking system has multiple purposes in the fleet management sector. All the technological advancements are to help humanity and improve productivity. The vehicle tracking system plays an important role in logistics operations as we have discussed in detail. 

Install the GPS devices to track and monitor the vehicles in real-time using advanced GPS tracking software.

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