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  1. FASTag is an electronic toll collection system in India that uses RFID technology to deduct toll charges automatically from a prepaid wallet linked to a vehicle’s FASTag sticker. It was introduced to replace cash handling at toll plazas and reduce waiting time for vehicles. FASTag is mandatory for four-wheelers and above since February 2021, and it is necessary to obtain third-party insurance for a vehicle
  2. The cost of FASTag is Rs. 100 with a security deposit, and there is no minimum recharge amount. FASTag cannot be used for another vehicle, and if there is an insufficient balance, the tag will be blacklisted.

FASTag, what is it? An electronic toll charges collection method. The government has made changes in how tolls are collected on highways. FASTag lane was launched by the (NHAI) National Highways Authority of India and (MORTH) Ministry of Road Transport and Highways in 370 toll plazas on October 1, 2017.

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Why was FASTag Introduced?

  1. FASTag was introduced to make a trouble-free highway experience; also, the Indian government wants to replace all cash handling toll plazas with digital toll plazas. 
  2. The (RFID) Radio-frequency identification technology in FASTag helps to deduct toll charges automatically when a vehicle crosses the RFID scanner in the toll gate. 
  3. With the help of FASTag technology, vehicles don’t have to wait in line for long hours, fast toll passes. 
  4. By using FASTag, you can reduce unwanted vehicle idling and fuel consumption in the toll plazas.
  5. Improves the transparency of toll payments.

How to Use FASTag?

FASTag is a sticker with an RFID code, which should be pasted on the top middle of the car’s windscreen so the RFID scanner can easily read the code and deduct the toll charges automatically from the FASTag wallet linked with the FASTag card. So now it will be easy for you to move on the toll gate without waiting. 

Is Fastag mandatory?

Yes, FASTag is mandatory. Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MORTH) have made FASTag a mandatory payment gateway in toll plazas from 16th February 2021 for all four-wheelers and above. 

Is FASTag mandatory for Getting Insurance?

The government made FASTag a necessary thing to get new 3rd party insurance for your vehicle.

How to cross toll plazas without FASTag?

Unfortunately, you don’t have many choices; either you need to have FASTag or pay double the toll charges to cross the toll. Choose a wise option. 

How to buy a new FASTag?

You can get your FASTag from 2 modes, either online or offline, and you require documents to apply for a FASTag.

How to get FASTag from Online mode?

 The online mode gives you a lot of options. You can get it through,

  1. Several E-commerce platforms like Flipkart, others.
  2. Online banking portals ICICI bank, HDFC bank, etc.
  3. Financial service portals like Paytm, airtel payment bank, etc. 

How to get FASTag from Offline mode?

You can get it through 

  1. Every national highway toll plazas.
  2. Regional/ Road Transport Office (RTO).
  3. Transport hubs and Associations. 
  4. Banks and their camps that provide offline FASTag service.

What does the FASTag Color Indicate?

The government has released seven different colors of Fastag for seven different classes of vehicles.

Tag Class Description Tag Color
Car/ Jeep/ Van/ Light Commercial Vehicles
2 Axel Light Commercial Vehicle/ Mini Bus/
3-Axle Buses/ 3-Axle trucks
2-Axle Bus/ 2-AxleTruck
Tractors / Tractors with trailers / 4, 5, 6-Axle buses and Trucks
7-Axle Trucks and above
Sky Blue
HCM (Heavy Construction Machinery) and EME (Earth Moving Equipments) like JCB etc.

What is the cost of FASTag?

The government announced the tag price as RS.100 maximum, including GST, and a security deposit amount of Rs. 200 is charged depending upon the vehicle class.

Is there any minimum value to recharge/top-up a FASTag?

There is no minimum recharge amount for FASTag but, If it was the first time recharge after FASTag purchase, the minimum amount is Rs. 200 (security amount is different). 

What if there is an insufficient FASTag wallet balance or damages on FASTag?

If your FASTag was deducted to have an insufficient balance or any damages in FASTag, your tag would be added to the blacklist. Then you have to pay double the toll charges to cross the toll gate. 

Even if you have the required toll charge in your FATStag wallet, Then why RFID scanner is not deducting the FASTag code in the toll plaza?

So your FASTag wallet should not only have the toll charges, but also your FASTag wallet should consist of a minimum wallet amount to deduct the actual toll charges. 

Can you recharge your FASTag in offline mode?

Yes, you can recharge your FASTag using cash on (POS) Point Of Sales in any toll plazas. But, Recharging online is much easier than offline mode.

FASTag of one vehicle can be used for another vehicle?

No, You can’t use FASTag of a vehicle for another vehicle. As per government guidelines, FASTag was issued based on the RC copy of the vehicle. If you are caught in any mismatch of FASTag and vehicle in toll plazas deductor, your tag will move to blacklist, and no new FASTag will be provided for the backlisted RC copy. 

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