Everything you want to know about SIM Tracking

IS it possible to Track a basic Mobile Phone?

Yes. It is Possible.

Is it Possible to track an android or apple mobile phone without the help of any apps?

Yes. It is possible.

if you Surprised by the above answers and want to know more about SIM tracking, Pls read below.

Why its called SIM tracking? Why not mobile tracking?

Because this technology doesn’t use GPS Satellites (Global Positioning System) instead just uses the mobile towers where the mobile phone is located. It’s known as “triangulation”. The mobile apps don’t play any part in it and there were no special hardwares inside the mobile to enable the tracking. Hence it’s called SIM Tracking or in some countries, it’s called “SIM Consent tracking”.

Is it legal?

Yes if it’s as per guidelines issued by the telecom providers.

What are the guidelines?

The guideline is very simple. The person who is being tracked should be aware and he should give willful consent to track his mobile phone. He/She should give consent via SMS to the telecom provider. And he/she can revoke the consent at any time.

Now we are getting into the interesting part. Many people would starting thinking can I track my wife or my husband? 

Technically yes, but many service providers would not encourage using this technology for personal use. Moreover, it’s not free. The main application of this technology is “Fleet Management System” and “Field Force tracking”.

How it's used in Fleet Management System?

One or more trucks or cars or any vehicle is called “Fleet”. To manage a fleet the first information a fleet manager needs is the location of the vehicle. Usually, GPS devices are installed inside the vehicle to track them. But there are plenty of scenarios where it’s not sufficient or possible.

For instance, if the GPS device got disconnected for some reason tracking is lost. In many cases, there may be some GPS device installed in the vehicle but the fleet manager may not have access to the data from the GPS device for one reason or another. In all the cases “SIM tracking” is a handy solution to track the vehicle instantly.

Another business use-case is “Field Force tracking”. Earlier staffs on the field were given a portable GPS device to report their locations seamlessly. But it has its own drawback. Many times staff forget to charge the device or intentionally leave the device at home and handover to an unauthorized person. Tracking their mobile phone is much more reliable than the GPS device.

What is the accuracy?

The accuracy depends on the type of network. 4G networks provide much higher accuracy close to 25 meters.

Thanks for reading this far. If you reached this part of the article you will definitely interested in who provide such a service.

At present VAMOSYS provides such a service. Right now this service is available only in India, but this will be expanded to most countries in the world short span of time.

SIM Tracking is the best low-cost instant alternative for GPS Vehicle Tracking. If you have any questions pls leave a comment I will answer them.

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Author: Prasanna K Ram, CEO – VAMOSYS

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