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Features of Our Vehicle Tracking System


Real Time Tracking

Instant vehicle position reports get your fleet information updated in real-time even as they move meter by meter

Graphical Reports

Reports in the graphs which can be easily understood and interpreted.

Instant Notifications

Alerts in the form of SMS | Email | App notifications from our powerful and comprehensive Software

Speed Monitoring

The speed of the vehicle can be regularly tracked to ensure the vehicle’s safety and well being.

Mobile App

A user friendly application which works on both the android and iOS platforms to track your vehicles on the go.


We constantly evolve and customize our features on demand for our customers to make their GPS tracking life as smooth as possible.

Geofense and landmarks

Creation of a virtual boundary in terms of fencing and sending alerts when your vehicles enter or leave a particular area / locality.

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Reports Generated by Our GPS Tracking System

Vehicle Tracking

The dashboard gives you the exact location of the vehicle on a map, the dashboard also shows how much distance your vehicle has covered and also the max speed, battery health, vehicle name and custom features can be integrated on demand.


OverSpeed Report

Over-speeding is the major cause of road accidents, with the over-speeding report you can identify when the vehicle over-speeds, shows the date, time and the duration of over speeding and the nearest location of where the over-speeding occurred.

Ignition Report

Ignition reports shows when the ignition was turned off / on at which date and duration of ignition status and the nearest location the ignition status, you can also view the data on the map.

Parked Reports

You can identify the vehicles parked location, the start time and end time of parked vehicle, you can also view the last seen vehicle location in map.

Our Vehicle Tracking Software Can be Used for

Heavy Vehicles

GPS Trackers are specifically designed to simplify the process of Heavy Vehicle tracking


Get the most advanced and affordable GPS Live Car Tracking Systems


GPS Bike Tracker helps you locate your two wheeler instantaneously, with its enhanced security features.


Track and secure your valued possessions with Vamosys Asset Trackers comprising of reliable SOS facility.

About our GPS Trackers

We provide best GPS trackers at competitive prices without compromising on data capturing and accuracy levels.

GT800 GPS tracker with Communication

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“We have had a positive experience with Vamosys. Team Vamosys has helped us in setting up GPS business in Coimbatore region. They have provided a great service and guidance throughout the process and supported us in all possible ways to grow our business under their franchise model. We thank Vamosys for providing us to be their business franchise.”

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“I am really glad that I chose Vamosys dealership to do my GPS business. Vamosys made the process of starting the GPS business simple for me in Delhi and made their channel partner. I would recommend Vamosys to anyone who needs a start GPS business in their region.”

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Why do You Need to Choose our GPS Vehicle Tracking Software?

If you are a fleet owner, handling 100s of trucks in your business, you will need the best GPS tracker for your truck. With the implementation of our vehicle tracking, you will be able to locate and track your vehicle with our software application any time in any place. So you need not worry about the issue of vehicle tracking.

Our vehicle tracking software is more customizable than other GPS tracking systems that are available in the market. It is not just tracking your vehicle, we provide vital information like vehicle speed report, fuel theft and fuel level report, vehicle idle timing and other such data to maintain the vehicle efficiently.

The application we developed is more flexible and reliable. We offer the customised reports and data as per your requirement. For the vehicle tracking system, we are providing both web application and mobile application.

Salient features of our vehicle tracking solution:

Driver Behaviour: Get more precise information on driver behaviour. You get notifications and reports on overspeeding and harsh driving. Based on the reports and data, train the drivers to avoid harsh driving behaviour.

Fuel Monitoring: With the installation of the fuel sensor and connected to the GPS vehicle tracking system, you can prevent fuel theft and get regular alert notifications of fuel level of your vehicles.

Fleet Management System: The vehicle tracking is major factor for the fleet manager in this fleet management, installing best vehicle tracking solution is always an added advantage.

Temperature Monitoring: With the installation of temperature sensors, you can monitor the reefer and container vehicle temperature. That data can be tracked with the GPS vehicle tracking software integration.

Mobile Applications: We offer simplified mobile applications for both Android and iOS versions to track your vehicle with our GPS vehicle tracking system.

Our GPS vehicle tracking application is simple to use and the data we provide is accurate. If you are into logistics business and handling fleet of trucks then installing our GPS vehicle tracking system simplifies your work and improves your efficiency.

How to Generate GPS Vehicle Tracking Software Reports?

Reports Generated
  • Vehicle Status – Idle, Parking or Moving 
  • Vehicle Location 
  • Overspeed Report 
  • Stoppage Report 
  • Fuel Report 
  • Tollgate Report 
  • Travel Summary Report 
  • Consolidated Report

Start Your own Business With our GPS Vehicle Tracking Application

If you are looking to start a business on your own, then we are here to help to build your own business with our GPS vehicle tracking application.

On our affiliate program, we train and groom you to kick start your business. We provide support on the marketing front to support your business.

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Vehicle tracking has an internal battery, so there is no issues of power failures. The data is transmitted from the SIM card and the GPS will be tracking the live location. The device gets the vehicle location through the GPS satellite from which the data are sent to the server through mobile data, the data will be processed and analysed on the server. You can access the reports and track on web applications or mobile app.

Vehicle tracking helps you to monitor multiple vehicles in a single platform and allows you to set up geofencing and avoid overspeeding, and unnecessary vehicle stoppage thus by increasing your vehicle’s productivity. 

Our vehicle tracking system has an accuracy of 97.5%. The GPS devices and sensors used are high standards and accuracy level of results are good.

Our platforms are specifically designed to manage multiple vehicles at once, we have many features inbuilt into one platform which will make multiple tacking at ease.

Vehicle tracking connects to the OBD port of the vehicle where we can remotely monitor the vehicles RPM and the speed, if the driver is rash driving or if the vehicle is idling we can inform the driver.

Vehicle tracking system can be installed in the OBD port of the vehicle. 

VAMOSYS is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company with advanced digitized cost-cutting solutions that address road transportation (trucks & buses), construction-based vehicles, mining industry vehicle challenges like vehicle tracking, and preventing diesel theft.

Vamosys provides GPS-based fuel monitoring, fleet management software, and fleet dashcams, enabling transport owners to monitor their transport activities through their mobile device or laptop.  

The benefits of using VAMOSYS solutions prevents fuel/diesel theft, streamline all fleet operations in one platform, maintains digitized records of all activities.


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