Fuel Level Sensor for Efficient Monitoring


Discover the ultimate fuel monitoring solution with VAMOSYS GPSVTS PRO app. Our advanced fuel level sensor ensures accurate measurements, efficient fuel management, and enhanced security. Prevent fuel theft, monitor dual fuel tank vehicles, and leverage the power of GPSVTS PRO for comprehensive fuel monitoring.

VAMOSYS Fuel Level Sensor

  • Our fuel level sensor is a top choice, delivering precise measurements and reliable performance.
  • Combat fuel theft and prevent diesel tank drainage with our innovative solution.
  • Enjoy seamless compatibility with dual fuel tank vehicles for versatile application.

Advanced Technology and Accuracy

  • Powered by cutting-edge technology, our fuel level sensor guarantees exceptional accuracy.
  • Achieve a remarkable fuel level sensor accuracy rate of 99.5%, ensuring reliable data.
  • Benefit from advanced features that optimize fuel management and minimize losses.

GPSVTS PRO Mobile App Integration

  • Integrate our fuel level sensor seamlessly with the powerful GPSVTS PRO mobile app.
  • Monitor fuel levels, receive real-time alerts, and access comprehensive reporting on the go.
  • Enjoy the convenience of Android and iOS compatibility for efficient fuel management.


Experience efficient fuel monitoring with VAMOSYS’ fuel level sensor and the GPSVTS PRO app. Detect fuel theft, prevent drainage, and optimize fuel management with our advanced technology and exceptional accuracy. Harness the power of GPSVTS PRO for comprehensive monitoring and ensure efficient fuel utilization in your fleet.


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