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Vamosys dashboard features help the user to handle their fleet activity with perfection. It provides current status in real-time to keep a constant track on your fleet activity. This dashboard also helps you control the fleet operations regarding vehicles and other holdings from a single screen.


Monitor your fleet with ease around the globe across any street. Vamosys offers 100% secure street view based mapping on its dashboard designed to manage expandable fleet with ease. Compatible and resolute with the whole of your fleet management with Vamosys solutions. Your Vehicle, Our solutions.


Below is brief look at the features offered in the dashboard.



Fleet tracking on the go.

View the status and location of your entire fleet live on the map (individual vehicle or group). Instant vehicle-position updating literally has your fleet updated in real-time as they move metre by metre. Tracking objectives can be in place to add timed intervals, heading alterations, and status or event changes that fits your fleet.




Rerun your fleet history.

Rerun the whole history of your fleet at the click of a button. Follow where every vehicle, or other assets that are coherent with our GPS over any specific period. View any amount of detail regarding the recording status, along the way, at any point. Location, direction, speed aggressive driving scenarios, etc.



Mark virtual landmarks.

Mark perimeters virtually on any area of the map and track to analyse all activity regarding that particular perimeter. Use geo-fencing for warehouses, customer sites, or even particular routes. Tracking of arrival & departure timing, PTO & speed, within the marked perimeter and compose deviation related alerts.



Safety and Efficiency.

Responsibly monitor the way your vehicles are driven . Demand safety, reduce fuel consumption and make sure the drivers are obliged to represent your business. Notice dangerous and worthless behavior and evaluate drivers to peers. View excessive acceleration, hard braking, speeding, unnecessary idling and aggressive cornering.



Govern what’s important.

Have a complete control of your fleet even without continues monitoring. Get alerts in custom fashion, i.e., only for only those you feel are important and necessary. Custom means of receiving alerts, i.e., text messages, emails and app notifications. These alerts can be sent to a person or device of your choice.



Control at your fingertips.

With Vamosys analytics engine and advanced reporting, you can convert the data into valuable insight. Get the solutions to problems every fleet manager faces. Appear by region, geography and branch, and also get key performance indicator reporting to the concerning personnel.


We at Vamosys believe customer satisfaction is not just a duty, it’s a top priority. Thus, we constantly evolve our dashboard on demand for our customers to make their fleet management life as easy as possible. Your Vehicle, Our Solutions.




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