Vehicle Tracking System: Track your vehicle with or without GPS


From TRUCKs to DUCKs

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anything and everything is tracked.

Tracking becomes an essential activity in everyone’s life.

Improving innovations and advances in the telematics industry become advantages to the user. These advantages lead India to register healthy growth in the telematics industry. Day-by-day problems increase in different ways for vehicles, drivers, and owners. To overcome the problems, real-time solutions are brought by advanced technology. 

The vehicle tracking system is a combination of location navigation processes in software to manage the complete movement of a vehicle. Today vehicle tracking systems became an easy and affordable solution even for many small-scale businesses.

Trending vehicle tracking systems are a mixture of active and passive tracking systems. The collected data are viewed in real-time with active tracking systems. On the other side, passive systems will collect and save the data, which we can retrieve later. 

FleetOS is a fleet management software with an advanced vehicle tracking system. New generation fleet management software to support your growth in the fleet business.

We know FleetOS is a mixture of the active and passive vehicle tracking system either you can view the data in real-time or you can retrieve it later. FeetOS provides you 2 different ways of tracking. 

One, vehicle tracking system with GPS devices and another without GPS devices.

Vehicle tracking system with using a GPS device

We all know that tracking can be done with a GPS device in many terms like the truck GPS tracker, or GPS tracking applications, or GPS tracker for vehicles.

GPS tracking system has become common in commercial and transportation fleets. The GPS tracking system software displays the vehicle performance data and location data from the installed GPS device in the vehicle. The data from the GPS device helps to analyze the vehicle performance in real-time to improve safety, productivity, and fuel efficiency. The telematics data with the vehicle tracking information is viewed by the FleetOS application, to offer complete visibility into the fleet. 

There are numerous benefits of integrating GPS tracking with logistics and transportation operations. 

  1. Provide Route Optimization
  2. Save costs by Fuel Monitoring
  3. Theft Control
  4. Overall Evaluation
  5. Increase in efficiency, transparency which leads to customer satisfaction and many more

GPS devices benefit us in all ways. But, we need to accept that GPS tracking is a costly method of tracking. 

Vehicle tracking system without using a GPS device

Is there any affordable or low-cost way of tracking?

Yes! There is a way. 

We can track our vehicles without using a GPS device.

Is it possible? 

Nothing is impossible! Vamosys brought a SIM based tracking solution in the FleetOS application to solve your costly method of tracking. 

fleetos & sim tracking

SIM based tracking?

SIM based tracking or SIM consent is an accurate way of vehicle tracking system that helps you to point out the exact location of the SIM, which is connected with the nearby cellular network. It helps to track the driver without installing a GPS device in the vehicle or without making a call to the driver. 

SIM-based tracking is something further than a GPS device tracking system, it works just with any operator SIM card in a working condition mobile phone, either in a smartphone or basic mobile phone. SIM based tracking an instant and flexible solution for vehicle tracking systems. It works the same as GPS device tracking. It helps to reduce fuel theft, vehicle theft, improve efficiency, a flexible method to track, and cost-effectiveness.

Who can make use of SIM based tracking solutions?

The idea of providing the SIM based tracking solution in FleetOS is to allow the vehicle tracking system for all types of business from small to large scale, by lowering your operational cost.

SIM based tracking solutions were mainly adapted by the organizations which use hired or ad-hoc market vehicles. Imagine a manufacturer needs to acquire a temporary vehicle to transport his goods. What is the way will he install a new GPS device in the ad-hoc vehicle, No, that’s why the market has selected SIM based tracking for real-time. 

SIM consent is one of the best alternative, cost-effective tracking solutions, which fulfill every basic need for GPS tracking. 

Know more about SIM tracking, Get your free SIM based tracking solution for your business today! 

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