Case Study - Theft Truck Vehicle identified with VAMOSYS GPS


A logistics company’s truck was stolen, but their GPS license had expired. VAMOSYS, the GPS tracking software provider, extended the license and identified the location of the truck, leading to its rescue. The case study highlights the importance of GPS tracking software and customer support in the logistics sector. 

VAMOSYS focuses on addressing client needs and providing 24/7 customer support to enrich their clients’ businesses.

Truck Lost! 

Vehicle Installed with GPS! But license expired!! 

Situation Critical! 

This was the situation of one of our clients who installed our GPS tracking software for his logistics sector. 

The company failed to renew the GPS licenses, by default our system suspended the licenses since it has attained its expiry date.

Unfortunately, at the time of renewal or expiry of GPS licenses, the logistics company truck lost one fine day!!

The logistics company tried to locate their vehicle, but not possible! The company raised the support ticket to team VAMOSYS.

Late working hour service ticket!

After office hour!!

Urgent Scenario!!!

case study truck theft

Truck Lost! 

Vehicle Installed with GPS! But license expired!! 

Situation Critical! 

This was the situation at our end, we immediately understood the situation, and without any further delay, team VAMOSYS took an action on the ticket.

We extended the expiry period for the lost vehicle, so that, the vehicle becomes online and ready to track.

We identified the location and shared the location to the logistics company for vehicle identification.

Vehicle Location Identified!

Reached the Spot!!

The logistics company with police support reached the spot and rescued the truck!

Summary: Rescued the theft vehicle!!

The above-mentioned scenario took place at our customer support team and the team actively worked to ensure the customer needs are fulfilled. We didn’t give priority to license charges, rather our focus is to retrieve the vehicle. We as a team stood with the logistics company, as that vehicle is like ours!!

Customer is King

Truck GPS tracking software is solving various purposes in the logistics and transportation sector. We are in the GPS business for over 6 years with over 2000 clients all over India.

All these years, our focus is to address the needs of our clients. Even at the time of onboarding, clients request customization on GPS vehicle tracking systems, improvisation in reports to meet their demands.

We give utmost importance to clients. Our customer support team works 24/7 and tries to address the query tickets, as early as possible. 

In the logistics sector, vehicle tracking is crucial, based on vehicle arrival many industries plan their work schedule for the day. All details related to vehicle tracking are of utmost importance, at times devices go offline. We get a supporting ticket, we resolve the issue soon so that, the work process didn’t affect it.

Our motto is to enrich our client’s business and to meet his customers’ demand! We all are interrelated in one way or another, since, we all served on one ecosystem.

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