Case Study - SETC Bus Fuel Level Sensor Installation with Display

About SETC

Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation (TNSTC) has started a separate express road transport corporation for long-distance operations, State Express Trasport Corporation (SETC) in 1975.

The headquarters of SETC is located in Chennai. The SETC bus services are available in all districts of Tamil Nadu. Also, the SETC operates in the inter-state road transport operations in neighboring states such as Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Kerala.

The SETC operates AC Sleeper, Non-AC Sleeper, AC Seater, Non-AC Seater, Deluxe Buses, Ultra-Deluxe buses for a long-distance passenger traveling needs.

Driver Performance Assessment Process followed by SETC

In the SETC bus transportation corporation, the driver performance is assessed based on the mileage provided by the Bus driver. Currently, they are following the logbooks for the fuel fills to assess the driver’s performance.

Say, for example, if the driver takes the trip to Trichy, the fuel will be filled as per standard 4 KMPL as 80 liters. The driver needs to complete the trip using the filled diesel.

Most of the time, the supervisor is not able to calculate the driver performance precisely, most of the times the tank contains a certain amount of diesel, even though they gauge the diesel level it is just an approximation not accurate.

So in the recent past, the SETC is looking for an expert team to gauge the fuel level in the SETC bus tank precisely, so that, based on that fuel level and mileage they can assess the driver’s performance.

SETC Collaboration with VAMOSYS

SETC approached the VAMOSYS team through a reference. Team VAMOSYS understood the requirements of the SETC team to assess the driver’s performance.

We installed the fuel level sensor in the bus diesel tank and the sensor data is connected to the display board (Fuel Display Board). The fuel display board displays the fuel level of the tank in liters.

With our precise Russian technology ITALON Fuel Sensor, the fuel level is accurately displayed on the board. The SETC bus fuel tank capacity is 350 liters, it displays 350 liters when tank capacity is full.

To assess the driver performance, the supervisor will make a note of the fuel level of the vehicle before starting the trip (for example, 320 liters), after completion of one side of the trip say 300 kilometers journey driver consumed 80 liters of diesel (i.e, on display board it shows 240 liters), the driver achieved the 4 KMPL targets.

VAMOSYS Installed Fuel Level Sensors on SETC buses

Team VAMOSYS installed the fuel level sensors on SETC buses. The sensor is installed on bus diesel tank and wiring connections are done in the vehicle.

Proper calibration for the fuel level sensor is done using the application, the calibration data is then fetched in the display board to display the LIVE fuel level of the vehicle.

Now, we have done this installation as a Pilot project, SETC team is using the installed fuel sensor data to assess the fuel consumption, vehicle mileage, and driver performance.

We at VAMOSYS, solve the problems of the transportation and logistics sector. Be it as small as 5 fleet logistics operators to as large as Tamil Nadu State Transportation Corporation (TNSTC) handling over 1000+ vehicles all over South India.

About VAMOSYS Fuel Monitoring system

A Fuel Monitoring System is the technology designed to track real-time fuel level, consumption, refilling to optimize fuel efficiency, prevent drainage and fraudulent activities. Fuel monitoring is essential in the truck fleet management systems in the logistics sector, as this solution becomes part of the vehicle fuel tracking system.

Our fuel solutions serve the needs of fleet trucks, heavy haulers, Concrete Mixers, Tankers, and Refrigerator Trucks. Also, this solution is helpful for fuel loss reduction in buses, Vans, generators, and excavators.

With the ever-rising prices of fuel, there is the urge, especially, for fleet owners to keep an effective and regular check on their fuel usage.

You can reduce 30% of your fuel expenses with our fuel sensor solution, which is proven by our clients and partners.

VAMOSYS Fuel Level Sensor

Fuel level sensors are used to discover fuel theft, remote tank monitoring equipment, and to determine fuel consumption monitoring system for vehicles to improve vehicle fuel efficiency.

  • Standard sensor length 1000 mm, whereas all the others — 700 mm
  • Network: GSM/GPRS/GPS
  • DC Power Supply Voltage from 7 to 40V
  • Power consumption 0.55W no more than 0.9W

Benefits of Fuel Monitoring System

Installing Fuel monitoring system on trucks, trailers, and heavy vehicles have various benefits apart from the prime feature of preventing fuel theft from the diesel tank. Our GPS fuel monitoring system is installed Russian Technology Diesel monitoring device (Fuel Level Sensor) to monitor the fuel consumption.

Fuel Consumption Monitoring

With our fuel tracking, software fleet operators can monitor vehicle fuel consumption. Vehicle fuel level at the beginning of the trip, en route fuel consumption, and what is the fuel level after completing the trip.

Fuel Mileage Reports

Get fuel mileage reports on our fuel management system on completion of every trip. Fuel consumption report, vehicle mileage report trip wise will be reflected in a fuel tracking software.

Remote Fuel Level Monitoring

On installing a GPS fuel level monitoring system on vehicles fleet operators can track the fuel level remotely using our fuel monitoring software with the aid of GPS devices.

Alert on Fuel Filling and Drain

Get an alert notification on the fuel monitoring system application whenever the diesel is filled in the fuel station and if someone drains the diesel tank, the emergency alert messages will be sent to the users.

Real-Time Fuel Level Monitoring

Users can monitor the diesel tank fuel level in real-time using our GPS fuel level tracking system for better fuel management.

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