Case Study - Why Transporter and logistics operator installing a Fuel Monitoring system

Interview with GOPI Transport Proprietor


GOPI Transport, a logistics operator handling 30+ trailer fleets, is installing a fuel monitoring system from VAMOSYS to reduce fuel pilferage and diesel theft. The fuel monitoring system helps them track real-time fuel level, consumption, refilling, and prevent fraudulent activities. With the installation of the fuel monitoring system, the transport operator can save up to 25% of their fuel expenses and get an ROI in less than 6 months. 

The solution also provides fuel mileage analysis, instant alert notifications, and reduces vehicle idling time.

Gopi Transport is handling logistics operations for steel Industries. Currently, they are handling 30+ trailer fleets for operations. Gopi, the proprietor of Gopi transport has 15 years of logistics experience and 10+ years of experience in the steel business.

How Gopi Transport met VAMOSYS?

Kings Lee, the transport head of GOPI transport was looking for a fuel monitoring system to reduce fuel pilferage and diesel theft. He was inquiring about the best Fuel Solution with proper reporting software. One of his friends suggested him VAMOSYS Fuel monitoring solution.

“We are installing the Fuel monitoring solution because we are not able to handle the diesel theft”, says Kings lee.

The fuel monitoring system need is increasing since the increase in fuel prices and because of low salaries & allowances, driver steals the fuel either or sell the fuel saved in every trip.

Gopi transport got the introduction of VAMOSYS because of genuine feedbacks and reputation in the Fuel monitoring system in the Logistics market.

“I chose VAMOSYS fuel monitoring solution because I liked the critical feature, where it highlights the diesel theft precisely”, adds further.

Why we are installing a Fuel monitoring system in our Fleet?

Every month we are filling 4000 to 5000 liters of fuel for our fleet. Depending upon the trip the fuel consumption and mileage differ, Gopi Transport proprietor explains.

In reality, most of the transporters provide excess diesel fuel for trips. Say, for example, the truckloads from Chennai to unload in Trichy and return from Trichy, for this the usual fuel consumption level based on vehicle mileage is 280 liters but transporters provide fuel of 300 liters. Drivers take this excess fuel and sell it in the market.

Drivers are the real heroes in the logistics business, they take care of the consignment and most of the time travel at night. We sleep at night but they all work at night, Gopi encourages drivers hardship.

On installing a fuel monitoring system, the transporters can check the live data of fuel level in the vehicle, fuel filling data and receive alert notifications if any fuel pilferage or theft takes place. The fuel monitoring system installation saves 25% of the fuel revenue and the logistics operator get the return on investment (ROI) in less than 6 months.

Gopi recalls one of the incidents which took place in his truck yard, “one of our drivers took the 40 liters of diesel from the truck and took the diesel in jerry can to sell the fuel in the market. The incidence was noted by fellow drivers and we have proof of GPS data where he went to sell the diesel fuel.

This incident has made him check what is the solution to prevent fuel theft and his transport head, Kings Lee started the hunt to find the proper solution for fuel monitoring, resulting in meeting the VAMOSYS team and installation fuel sensors on trucks.

Success lies in how well you handle your business and emotions parallel. Business is all about handling the emotions, situations too.

Today, in many corporate, GPS has been made mandatory to get eligible for projects/ tender. Without GPS, loading is been denied in many companies.

Your system should be strong enough to take your business to next level. If you need to increase your vehicles from 30 to 100 plus, then you have to think out of the box and We believe your decision is right with respect to adopting this technology.

About VAMOSYS Fuel monitoring solution

A Fuel Monitoring System is the technology designed to track real-time fuel level, consumption, refilling to optimize fuel efficiency, prevent drainage and fraudulent activities. Fuel monitoring is essential in the truck fleet management system in the logistics sector, as this solution becomes part of the vehicle tracking system.

Our fuel solutions serve the needs of fleet trucks, heavy haulers, Concrete Mixers, Tankers, and Refrigerator Trucks. Also, this solution is helpful for fuel loss reduction in buses, Vans, generators, and excavators.

With the ever-rising prices of fuel, there is the urge, especially, for fleet owners to keep an effective and regular check on their fuel usage.

You can reduce 25% of your fuel expenses with our fuel sensor solution, which is proven by our clients and partners.

Salient Features of Fuel Monitoring System

Fuel Theft Prevention

Prevent unnecessary fuel theft with our advanced fuel sensor technology to reduce the loss by fraudulent attempts.

Save Fuel Costs

Clients will be able to save up to 30% of financial expenses with our fuel monitoring solution.

Fuel Mileage Analysis

Get the complete report on the fuel mileage analysis of every individual vehicle in your fleet.

Instant Alert Notifications

You will get regular alert notifications via SMS, Email, and app notifications for all actions taking place in the fuel tank.

Mobile App Monitoring

Monitor the vehicle fuel tank with our mobile application or by web application in real-time.

Idle Time Reduction

Reduce the Vehicle idling time to increase the vehicle performance and reduce cost.

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